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It's Okay To Be Subjective During Vendor Selection

by Vyom Bhuta

Blasphemy, you say? While it's true that a formal quantitative evaluation is necessary, there's another side to that coin. You subjective analysis of a vendor can often be as important as the hard facts when making a final decision.

XRM: What's It All About?

by Tom Keenze

Oh, no! Just when we got a handle on CRM and PRM, here we go again: XRM. Do we really need another acronymn?

In or Out?: Those Are Your Options

by Sunil Sharma

How can you get customers in by having them opt out? It's the idea of passive consent, and it can be a powerful tool in online marketing.

Methodologies vs. Winging It: What You Should Expect From Processes

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Formal processes have their place in the halls of project management, but sometimes a little project management ad-lib can go a long way. You won't end up at the Improv, but you may uncover your best practice when it comes to managing projects.

A Novel Approach

by Paul Harder

Characters, conflict, climax and resolution--it's not a novel, it's your project. Take a page from the writers' handbook and learn how you can be the Stephen King of project management--popular, prolific and profitable.

Agree to Disagree

by Miriam Ziemelis

The first rule of business and all successful relationships is to choose your battles carefully. In professional relationships, there is yet another dynamic to that sage advice, and that is to know how long to fight those battles! I'll give you a hint: You won't win all of those battles. In Human Resources, we get requests for training and mentoring on one skill more than any other: Communication in Professional Relationships. Let's review how to approach a situation where you disagree with a peer, need to present your ideas or concerns to that person in a constructive manner and, most importantly, when you need to realize that it may be time simply to stand behind your decision and rally the troops.

Business Analysis: Always a Necessity

by Vijay Sankaran

Whatever the scope of your latest BI project, you can't afford to overlook the business justification for moving forward. Analyze this, every time.

Forget the Money. Show Me Your Ideas!

by George Ball

In the New Economy, intellectual capital -- not physical or financial capital -- will be the king maker. So, the next time you walk into your bank (hopefully as a customer and not as a bank robber), go up to your investment advisor and say: "Forget the money. Show me your ideas!"

Six Sigma

by Steve Phinney

If you really want to kick butt when it comes to project quality, you should be working toward your Black Belt--and that's not something you'll get from the kung fu dojo.


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