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Take Control: Show Content Who's Boss

by Geoff Choo

Content may be king, but project managers control the kingdom. Don't let your old ways of creating and managing content hold back your business potential and drive your team into the ground.

Executive Internet Panel Study on the Role of Knowledge Management

PREMIUM presentation

Is knowledge management a strategic priority at your company? This interesting presentation summarizing the results of an actual executive Internet study panel will give you an idea just how your company's KM approach stacks up to those of other companies.

If All the World's a Stage I Want Better Management

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

When the curtain goes up on your project, how will the audience and critics react? Go behind the curtain to see how theater has made on-time project management into an art form--literally.

Interviewing Your Potential Employer: It's the Little Things!

by Miriam Ziemelis

Keep an eye out for subtle signs that things are not what they may seem to be during the interview. Think about the last interview you had. Did you look around at the environment of the office as you walked in? What was the mood? I know that your interviewer hustles you down the halls fairly quickly, but take the time to look for a few signs that will indicate what your world would be like as an employee of that company.

Forecasting Customer Demand: Art or Science?

by Vijay Sankaran

Too many Jar-Jar Binks, not enough Furbies. How do manufacturers and distributors know how much customers are going to want of a given product? Short answer: They don't--but BI could help them make a much better guess.

What You Should Consider While Producing E-Newsletters?

by Sunil Sharma

A great way to enhance customer acquisition, retention and service is with e-mail newsletters promoting your company's products or services. Get the word out, but do it right--otherwise your targeted marketing is just so much rotten spam.

Sample RFP for Replacing an Information System


Is your company about to select and implement a new information system? This sample RFP, taken from real life, was originally designed to address the current and future financial, trading and distribution operations needs of a large international company dealing with foreign countries, languages and currencies. But even if you don't have a large, international business, you'll find lots of good ideas on how to write your own killer RFP.

Tips for a Successful Business Case

by Joe Wynne

This excellent project justification guide will provide sophisticated advice to maximize the impact of your business case, making it accurate, complete and persuasive. In addition, learn some handy tips, techniques and strategies to complement existing procedures, templates and spreadsheets that you already use.


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