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Forecasting Customer Demand: Art or Science?

by Vijay Sankaran

Too many Jar-Jar Binks, not enough Furbies. How do manufacturers and distributors know how much customers are going to want of a given product? Short answer: They don't--but BI could help them make a much better guess.

What You Should Consider While Producing E-Newsletters?

by Sunil Sharma

A great way to enhance customer acquisition, retention and service is with e-mail newsletters promoting your company's products or services. Get the word out, but do it right--otherwise your targeted marketing is just so much rotten spam.

Sample RFP for Replacing an Information System


Is your company about to select and implement a new information system? This sample RFP, taken from real life, was originally designed to address the current and future financial, trading and distribution operations needs of a large international company dealing with foreign countries, languages and currencies. But even if you don't have a large, international business, you'll find lots of good ideas on how to write your own killer RFP.

Tips for a Successful Business Case

by Joe Wynne

This excellent project justification guide will provide sophisticated advice to maximize the impact of your business case, making it accurate, complete and persuasive. In addition, learn some handy tips, techniques and strategies to complement existing procedures, templates and spreadsheets that you already use.

Learning the ABCs of Cost Analysis

by Bradley S. Litt

Determining the costs of a project is no longer as simple as figuring out what you'll pay for parts and labor. For today's complex businesses, the bottom line is often difficult to draw. Here's how to make ROI calculations and cost/benefit analysis as easy as A-B-C.

Collaborate or Die!

by George Ball

Sounds like a serious ultimatum. But is collaboration really a life-or-death issue for your organization? Doubt it at your peril.

It's a Risky Business

by Geoff Choo

Software projects are risky . There are always issues that are out of your control. Before you let it get out of hand, eliminate the root causes of bad risk at the get-go. Don't let today's risks become tomorrow's failure.

Your First Foray Into Frightening Human Resources Territory

by Joe Wynne

There is clearly value in a good working relationship with the HR department. But just like establishing relations with a previously unfriendly nation, you must be diplomatic and try to understand the culture of your potential ally.

Where Is That Line in the Sand?

by Miriam Ziemelis

Noncompetes are very much like that old comedy spoof where you see Mel Brooks drawing a line in the sand with his foot and standing behind it proudly with his arms folded across his chest. We all know what comes next, the other man continually walks past it. The process is repeated until it is obvious that Mel is just plain not going to win. Recently in my world, a topic came up which seemed to shadow this game. It was in regard to consultants and noncompete agreements. There was a discussion around where to draw the line with what we can or cannot put into a noncompete contract we enter into with vendors--in other words, what a vendor would agree to as far as restrictions. How far could we push our desires and still come up with regulations that a vendor would agree to--and that would hold up in a court of law.


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