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Treat It Like a Venture

PREMIUM presentation

These days, a successful project is all about bringing value to the business. This attitude change for survival in the digital business world is skillfully roadmapped in a Powerpoint presentation.

Show Me Your Fringe, Baby!

by Miriam Ziemelis

Fringe benefits that is! We have all seen the latest recruiting trends that have made us green with envy. You have encountered top talent that you would like to bring on board, so you offer them a great salary with a juicy sign-on. Wait a minute! What do you mean they want more? Why I remember when I started out in this businessHOLD EVERYTHING! That is just the point or, depending on which side of the offer table you are, that is the greatest difference between being a candidate today and five years ago! Candidates want it all and, in reality, top talent can go out and get it.

The [KM] World According to CIRP?

by George Ball

If, as some say, knowledge is power, knowledge with context is intellectual capital, and that may be even more valuable.

Middleware Is Everywhere!

by Andre Leclerc

With everyone going "dotcom," there is a big need to tie front- and back-end systems together. The solution is somewhere in the middleware.

Reward and Recognition: Better Than a Swift Kick in the Rear

by Joe Wynne

Was it your grandmother who said, "You get more flies with honey than with vinegar"? Why Granny wanted to get flies, I'll never know, but when you're trying to get happy, productive, team members, positive reinforcement is the honey you've been looking for.

Identifying Your Competitors

by Tom Keenze

You may think you know who your competitors are when it comes to providing services or products. But when you're talking about CRM, everyone is in the same game.

Requirement Traceability: A Tool for Quality Results

white paper
by Orlando Marone, PMP

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

The usage of Requirements Traceability concepts is based on the completeness of the "evolution" that every project "workstation" has to incorporate in the path to a final acceptable product. The foundation for this control method is a complete collection of customer requirements, mutually agreed between the customer and the supplier who is conducting the project.

TeamPlay at Your Service

by Deborah Stadtler

TeamPlay supports its software in several ways, from training to user conferences to help lines. Whatever problem you are having with TeamPlay, or if you want to expand or learn about a new feature, TeamPlay can help you!

AEC Software-Details

With Details, your project information is centralized, organized and always up-to-date. Instantly communicate project statuses to colleagues and clients with presentation-quality reports and custom forms.


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"All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure."

- Mark Twain