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Optimizing the Information Supply Chain at the Back End

by Vijay Sankaran

Managing data to reap the benefits of high-performance business intelligence means having to store more data than most systems can handle. That's where SANs come in, and it's why you need to know about this next trend in storage as part of your BI process.

Sales Force Automation--Another Look

by Tom Keenze

One way to push CRM forward is with sales force automation. It's a big risk--mainly because the statistics are so grim. Here's how to put yourself on the winning side of the SFA challenge.

The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

by Miriam Ziemelis

Did I stutter? What don't people understand about that statement? My jaw drops when I get the background check back and then hear the lame excuses that follow. Okay, so maybe it is just me. Are you sitting there thinking to yourself, "Miriam, how can you be so naive? Lots of people lie on their applications." I can't help it; I find it just a little bit unbelievable that in this day and age people falsify information on their application, knowing that I am going to conduct a background check. Scary? You can say that again! Do I run in the other direction from these people? Double time!

An Approach to Quantitative Decision-Making: Analytical Hierarchy Process

by Vyom Bhuta

The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a quantitative decision-making methodology that uses pair-wise comparisons to determine the importance of relative evaluation criteria and the relative strengths of decision alternatives. This document is a crash-course in AHP and is designed to help get you making difficult project decisions (particularly package software-related ones) quickly, confidentally and rationally.

Something to Talk About

by Francine Meidhof

Whether it's around the water cooler or in an online forum, people are talking--and we're listening. With ears open, we've been wandering the gantthead discussions in search of what's really important to project managers.

Lessons Learned Checklist

PREMIUM checklist
by Joe Wynne

This Lessons Learned Checklist offers a standard set of 52 measurement criteria that can be applied to nearly any project. This template, or a version that you tailor for your organization, used consistently across a large number of projects, will help uncover trends and issues that ou never knew existed. Allowing you to take steps that will help the company be more efficient and effective overall.


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