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Business Rules Applied: Building Better Systems Using the Business Rules Approach

Author: Barbara von Halle | ISBN: 0-471-41293-7

The business rules approach to application development represents a major evolution in software engineering and promises to be the most practical and desirable way to build systems. As a result, developers are in need of a how-to guide for implementing business rules in practice. The author fills this niche in the literature by providing a pragmatic introduction to the techniques and guidelines necessary for assembling systems using a business rules approach.

Strohl Systems-BIA Professional

BIA Professional makes conducting a business impact analysis easier. It provides management a well-focused, detailed picture of financial and operational vulnerabilities, impacts, and recovery strategies.

Strohl Systems-Incident Manager

Incident Manager is the most reliable and efficient disaster recovery management software manufactured today. It organizes all essential recovery details electronically and is designed to help manage recovery more effectively by replacing chalkboards, grease boards, flipcharts, and paper updates.

Strohl Systems-LDRPS

The most powerful and easy to use business continuity planning software on the market. LDRPS automates the business continuity planning process by simplifying plan development and maintenance.

Certifiably IT?

by Amber Nelson

No? Then it's time to get yourself committed. Whether you go with PMI or CompTIA, becoming a certified project manager can be a step up the corporate ladder. Inaction? That's simply insane.

Jane? Jane Who?: The Disappearing Telecommuter

by Miriam Ziemelis

Jane was once one of your overachievers, but now that she telecommutes, you aren't even sure what she does on a daily basis. You have found yourself wondering if she is spending enough time working on the project or what she accomplished yesterday or today? Are you second-guessing yourself and wondering if Jane is really a slacker or if you have simply become the king of all micromanagers? Well, the answer may be that you took a great idea like telecommuting and expected it to manage itself, when in fact a process and tools need to be set in place in order for it to be successful.

Introduction to PL/SQL

PREMIUM presentation

If you want to extend your SQL capabilities with Oracle's PL/SQL option, this is a good place to get a solid footing.


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