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Financial Management System Project Plan

project plan

This robust (450 tasks!) Microsoft Project plan guides you through an entire Distributed Application Development project for a financial system, from planning to rollout.

Business Continuity and Contingency Plan

PREMIUM project plan
by Sandra Reed

No company wants to halt its operations under extenuating circumstances for any length of time. Use this risk management document template to create a specific plan of backup and recovery procedures so that work can flow uninterrupted when change strikes.

CRM Implementation Plan

PREMIUM project plan

This Microsoft Project plan will walk you through a full CRM implementation, from selecting the package to setting it up to post-implementation follow-up.

Contingency Risk Management Plan

project plan

Does your business have a contingency plan to handle the impact on critical business processes of an emergency system failure? Mitigate the risk using this Microsoft Project plan as an example of how to prepare for the worst.

Information Strategy Planning


Do you need to develop a plan for implementing business systems to support business needs? Are you in the market to establish an information strategy based on the evaluation of your business strategy? If you need to establish a technical strategy for the best use of new information technology, this is the right place to look. Check out this process!

Do You Need an E-Commerce Website for Your Business?

by Sunil Sharma

The big trend in business today is digital, but how do you know if tackling the Internet is the best thing for you and your business? Consider your goals and options and build a real strategy before blindly surfing the technology wave.

E-Commerce: (Best) Practice Makes Perfect

by Sunil Sharma

Best practices help businesses become more efficient, effective and competitive. They provide you with insights on how leading organizations perform. Then, you can identify the performance gaps and learn ways to improve your business. This is true whether you are executing an e-commerce project or implementing minor adjustments or major reengineering in your processes.

Batter Up!: Homerun-Hitting Cover Letters

by Miriam Ziemelis

In baseball you get three strikes before you are out, three individual chances to get on base. Your job search, on the other hand, doesn't afford you that luxury. Your cover letter is your first document of introduction and has got to be fast hitting and on target. If it doesn't measure up, not only are you not going to get to first base, but your dream employer is on to the next batter before you get a chance at the second pitch. There will be no arguing with the ump; your team is not going to come rushing out of the dugout to defend you. You are back on the bench before you even got started. Let's avoid this catastrophe by reviewing an outline for a winning cover letter!

Change for the Better

by Tom Keenze

When the U.S. military wants to turn civilians into soldiers, it breaks them down and rebuilds them. The same goes for your organization. Major change requires equal parts preparation, execution and follow-up.

Turn on Your Force Field To Reduce Project Risk

by Joe Wynne

On any project, there are forces of good that drive the project forward and forces of evil that try to restrain it. Check your "force field" to make sure that your change strategy can triumph over evil.


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