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Maintenance Process


The Maintenance Process provides guidelines for the long-term enhancement aspect of system maintenance: how to assess and design system upgrades resulting from business changes; how to build and test the upgraded system to assure that it satisfies the new business needs; and how to transition the upgraded system seamlessly into the current production environment.

Emergency Fix Process


The Emergency Fix Process provides guidelines for the short-term aspect of system maintenance: how to identify, solve and prevent emergency malfunctions, and how to assess the scope and long-term impact of emergency solutions, positioning them to ensure future problem avoidance. The major activities of this process include tracking a reported problem to its source; designing, implementing and testing an immediate (and preferably permanent) solution; analyzing the extended impact of the fix on the system, on other related systems and on ongoing systems development; and taking measures to prevent the same or similar problems from occurring in the future.

Jump In

by Fernando Zandona

When that project makes you want to jump out of the nearest window, maybe you should consider it (although we recommend using a parachute.) Skydiving is a lot like navigating a successful project. The best way to handle both is with your eyes and your mind open. You may be surprised by what you learn and how it can help on future projects.

Black Pearl: BI Gem or Repackaged Glitz?

by Vijay Sankaran

Truly integrated, web-based, real-time personalization--now that would be a real treasure. Is Black Pearl the priceless gem that BI has been looking for, or just another faux solution?

When Good Leaders Make Like Rats on a Sinking Ship

by Joe Wynne

It's time to check the ship for leaks, sailor, because the rats are hopping overboard. Technical people with good leadership potential are leaving for higher positions in other ships. Mid- to high-level leaders who have reached a career plateau are seeking opportunities in other ports. Many other employees are taking the leap because their managers are so unprepared. There is a common cause to these problems in most cases: Lack of an effective mentoring program.

Telecommuting - Organizing Your Work Space and Mind Set

by Miriam Ziemelis

So the boss has given you the okay to telecommute. Sure, you have the laptop and a phone line, but what else do you need? Well, for starters the correct mind set is vital to your success. Let's review not only what tools you should have available to you in your home office, but also what your mind set should be in order to be successful.

Class Act: E-Learning Promises to Slash Corporate Training Costs

by Emily A. Vander Veer

E-learning is a fancy buzzword for educational courses delivered over the Internet. Through a combination of interactive text, graphics and video, e-learning courses provide employees with essential IT and other job-related skills for a fraction of the cost of traditional courses.


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