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Putting the P in PMO

by Jim Harris

What is the P in PM, and, for that matter, PMO? What is really being managed, project, program or portfolio? This article explores the murky environment and a possible new direction for the PMO of the 21st century.

Supply Chain Management: E-Procurement Assessment Approach

PREMIUM presentation

Can e-procurement help your business with cost savings, improved productivity and competitive advantage? It's probably worth a look. This presentation will help you define and implement a process for assessing the viability of an e-procurement system for your organization.

Don't Go 'Splat' in the Gene Pool!

by George Ball

A little knowledge management goes a long way. Just learn some lessons from the unfortunate KM-challenged nominees for the infamous Darwin Awards.

Form Fit?

by Paula K. Martin

Starting a team? Time to brush up on your rhyming skills. Here's how to make sense of all the forming before the storming and norming get out of control. Do you have what it takes? Read on.

National Security and Business Intelligence: Take 2

by Vijay Sankaran

Some readers weren't keen on the idea of a national data warehouse as a means of controlling and combatting terrorism. It's a difficult question, but one worth asking: Where is the line between privacy and security? And where should it be?

Retention: Are You Reactive or Proactive?

by Miriam Ziemelis

It's true most companies no longer have their feet to the fire in the recruiting department. Perhaps there have been some layoffs and your additions to headcount could very well be down for next year. Now, keeping that in mind, how much of your human resources person's time is spent on creating a retention program for the cream of the crop you currently have on staff? The difference is like treading water and bearing down to take those extra breaststrokes to stay in the race. If you are slacking in the retention department, you and your team will feel the effects. Let's switch gears and get out of the "crisis management" mode.

Agile Software Development

Author: Alistair Cockburn | ISBN: 0201699699

This book compares software development to a game and offers sound advice for bringing difficult projects to successful conclusion with a minimum of stress.


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