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Structure and Satisfaction:Project Management as Morale Booster

by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin

Stop grousing about project management. It's actually good for you! Improved productivity is a leading benefit of implementing project management. Why? Taking the randomness and confusion out of the project worker's day and replacing it with clarity can only lead to a more satisfying work experience for both employee and employer. Now, what's wrong with that?

Using and Managing Contingency: Part 3--Resource and Scope Contingency

by Harvey A. Levine

In this conclusion of a three-part series, the author posits that contingency planning is essential for establishing attainable and manageable schedule and cost targets. However, contingency can be applied to resources and work scope, as well.

The Telecommuting Solution

by Paula Santonocito

Telecommuter. Virtual office. Alternative job category. While these terms may still sound futuristic, the reality is they are very much a part of today's workspace... uh, workplace.

Automation Centre-Tracker

Tracker tracks organizational and individual scheduling of resources, project and process documentation, project and program status, time and expense, personnel, CRM and more!

Quantified Project Benefits


Need to sell your business case to executive management? They will want to see the bottom line, which includes the benefits stated in quantifiable terms of value to the organization. Don't be vague. Quantify those benefits, as this example illustrates!

Estimated Project Costs Worksheet

PREMIUM deliverable

How much will your project cost? Management will want to know before they commit to it. Use this spreadsheet to estimate your costs, broken down by project phase and classified according to the cost categories that will be most meaningful to the decision makers.

ROI Calculation Worksheet


Do the costs and benefits of your project balance out to a worthwhile return on investment (ROI)? Management will use that as important criteria for authorizing your project. Use this spreadsheet to calculate the ROI of your project.

It's All About Value

by Michael Wood

When you're proposing a PI project, remember that the whole point of improving process is improving results. That means adding value--to the client and to your organization.


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