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User Participation Plan


How does a deployment plan for Siebel look? Just like this example, showing when, where and how the new Siebel system will be rolled out to users and clients.

Insuring Success: PMOs Bring IT Together

by Frank Winters

With a big, dispersed company, coordinating projects in a way that allows for independence while maintaining standards can pose a particularly tough challenge. Fortunately, program management--or, in this case, program monitoring--can take that challenge--and win.

Developing a CRM Culture

by Tom Keenze

Part of serving your customers is communicating a consistent corporate culture. Often that is easier said than done. Learn from these examples of diverse companies who have managed to develop winning CRM cultures.

Are You Certifiable?

by Deborah Stadtler, Francine Meidhof

It seems that everyone in IT is getting certified for one thing or another. Organizations such as PMI offer certification programs and universities have tailored graduate programs for very specific facets of the industry. Even big corporations like Microsoft and CA offer training courses and certification programs on their own software. But does certification really help further your career? As far as we've come, we're taking a step back to face the old issue of Education vs. Experience. And in the end. . . which is more important?

Data Warehouse BQA Prototype Plan

PREMIUM project plan

This Microsoft Project Plan will walk you through the ins and outs of putting together a business question assessment to analyze the data you need for your data warehouse.

Financial Application Development Plan

project plan

Developing a complex financial application with many processing modules is the stuff of which nightmares are made. There are lots of steps, each with its own headache. Take two aspirin and use this sample Microsoft Project plan to help you through.

DAD Systems Documentation Plan

PREMIUM project plan

This Microsoft Project plan reflects the activities for documenting the functionality of a distributed application system in a retail environment, i.e., order processing, pricing, inventory, shipping, customer and distributor administration, marketing, etc.

DAD Package Implementation Plan

project plan

Are you implementing a package in a distributed application development environment? You need a plan for the full implementation cycle, from planning and requirements analysis through deployment. Here's a sample from a Warehousing/Shipping environment.


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