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Working Cross-Functionally

by Paula K. Martin

The key to managing your cross-functional projects is to create alignment around the project goals, both from within your team and with stakeholders outside the team. Here are seven tips for making your cross-functional projects more successful.

Developing A Charter For The PMO

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

This column continues a multi-part series that addresses the practical steps and considerations in setting up a PMO in today's organizations.

Data Quality Is All That Matters...

by Vijay Sankaran

You can't put too much emphasis on data quality. Poor data quality can destroy your data warehouse at its very foundation.

Subcontract Conditioning Questionnaire


Make sure your bidders fully understand what's expected of them at the construction site. Make sure they fill out this detailed questionnaire so there are no surprises.

Subcontractor Administrator Checklist for Safety Regulations and Site Conditions


Whether your construction site is small or large, you need to keep an eye on safety regulations as well as site conditions, not just for your own people, but for all the subcontractors, too. But you can't always be everywhere all the time. Here's where this form comes in. Issue one to every subcontractor, and make sure it gets filled out properly.

Construction Estimate Worksheet


An estimate worksheet is useful not just for you in-house, but for your clients, too. This particular example covers design, engineering, make, assembly, materials, software and additional costs. There is also room for adding in prorated cost adjustment factors.

I Know One When I See One...

by Paul Harder

The most important part of project portfolio management is selecting the right set of portfolios to manage. The portfolios a company chooses define the work they do, the products they make and the direction they are taking in the marketplace. In this article, we will define what a project portfolio really is and how to establish one in a company.


by Kathryn M. Denton

What do your customers really want? Is that what you give them?


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