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Intellectual Equity and Building Your Very Own Dream Team

by Miriam Ziemelis

I expect the project manager I just hired to refer a couple of friends from work to me for recruitment. After all, that is what the hefty referral bonus structure is all about! However, be careful and think back to what contracts you may have signed with your previous company. Does the term "non-compete" ring any bells? If so, turn up the volume on that ringer. You could be walking into a world of trouble.

What Is a Process Improvement Methodology Anyway?

by Michael Wood

Have you ever been involved in a process improvement (PI) project? Have you ever led one? Have you ever wondered if there are any criteria, methods or standards that really define how to conduct these projects that are supposed to deliver huge returns for the company while delivering more value to its customers, employees and owners? And if there were, what should a process improvement methodology look like anyway?
Well, wonder no more. Just spend a few minutes and this short primer will help you understand what to look for in selecting a Process Improvement (PI) Methodology.

Finding the Right Way

by Edwin W. Smith

The decisions you're making every day as a project manager may not lead you to an ethical crossroads. However, if they do, keeping good PM ethics in check can stop you from going down the wrong path.

Crossing the IT Divide

by Dave Paradi

The benefits of project management might be clear within the IT department, but perhaps not to the rest of your organization. When you are trying to bring PM into the rest of your organization, this can pose a problemunless you have the right strategy.

CRM -- A Perfect Candidate for Program Management

by Frank Winters

If you want to turn your business toward your customers, do it right and save a lot of time and frustration. Program Management is an invaluable part of a successful CRM initiative.

Salary Negotiations, It's a New Day

by Miriam Ziemelis

The other day I had a candidate say the following words to me in response to my inquiry to their annual income,It is just like buying a car or that diamond ring and the salesman asks how much you would like to spend. Why would you divulge how much you currently earn so that the company can make an offer for as low as they think it will take to get you in the door? It doesn't seem like a good idea at the car lot, and it definitely doesn't sound like a good idea when you think about a salary that will affect your livelihood. I have to say, all I could state in response to this was You're right!

Blast Inefficiency With These Magic Bullets (Part 2)

by Joe Wynne

In Part 1, we saw how job aids were quick and inexpensive solutions for improving performance where employees lacked knowledge or skills. Now, how to implement them in your projects.

E-Commerce to Build Brand Equity and Economic Choke-Point

by Sunil Sharma

E-Commerce has not changed the business rules but increased the complexities. Understanding them and exploiting the possibilities inherent in them are the keys to building competitive advantages.


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