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Making a Hub a Home

by Dave Garrett

The portal craze is dead and gone. Branding and public presence sites are beyond passe regardless of how dynamic they are. What can you do with a small investment that will impress the boss and yield an impressive ROI? Build a hub!

On Time Within Budget

Author: E. M. Bennatan | ISBN: 0-471-37644-2

Real-life case studies give you guidance on keeping your project cost-effective and timely. The advice in this book is applicable in small or large companies, local or multinational.

Visualizing Project Management

Author: Kevin Forsberg, PhD, Hal Mooz, PMP, Howard Cotterman | ISBN: 0-471-35760-X

Project management today has become a competition for the faster, better, cheaper project. To avoid creating a faster, better, cheaper failure, use this book and its pioneering project management methods.

From Know-How to Knowledge

Author: Bryan Gladstone | ISBN: 1-85835-880-9

In the era of information, having a knowledge management strategy is crucial. This book provides a jargon-free place to get advice, study real-life examples and develop a strategy to conquer the evolving landscape of knowledge management.

Internet Business Intelligence

Author: David Vine | ISBN: 0-910965-35-8

The Internet is a powerful tool for all businesses regardless of size. This book shows you how to harness the Internet for a business intelligence system and find customers, increase sales, track cometitors and more. Turn your small company into serious competition for the giants!

Distributed COM: Application Development Using C++ 6.0

Author: Jim Maloney | ISBN: 0-13-084874-3

How do you move your Visual C++/MFC expereince into building multi-tier environments? With the help of this book, you will gain a better understanding of OLE DB and ADO, view in-depth code examples and learn master design techniques to create more robust distributed applications.

Now or Never: How Companies Must Change Today to Win the Battle for Internet Consumers

Author: Mary Modahl | ISBN: 0066620120

Every informed business person knows the Internet is transforming the economy as we know it--but very few people have the knowledge (or the guts) to identify which companies will emerge as winners and losers when the dust finally settles. Internationally renowned technology guru Mary Modahl has both. In this fast-paced but deeply intellignet book for business leaders and executives in every consumer-products industry, Modahl explains exactly what strategies will lead to Internet dominance.


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