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Enterprise Agile Transformation: Challenges and Ways to Overcome

by Falguni Rolekar, Srinivasan Balasubramaniam

It is a critical decision process for executive teams as to whether, why and when to embark on an agile transformation. Practicing new ways of working and transforming an entire organization is a huge challenge but can help enterprises to deal with digital disruption, reduce costs, boost efficiency and improve quality.

Serlio Software-Case Complete

Case Complete allows business analysts to specify a complete and accurate set of requirements in a way that is easily understood.

Project Pitfalls: How to Avoid Problems in Assessing Risks

by Jose Parlade

There are various common but inaccurate methods of accounting for risk. Some fallacies are more common than others—and some are potentially more dangerous. This article will focus on three fallacies of risk that are common to many projects—and that have the potential to derail even the most responsible project manager.

Logistics Project Management: The Basics

by Kimberly Halos

“Where’s my package?” It’s a question we are all familiar with. Project management in the field of logistics requires broad insight into a true end-to-end process, quality documentation and far-reaching team management skills. How does one manage this process for a customer?

New Video Series Explores the Changing Role of the Project Manager

by PMI

Senior PMI leaders and representatives from PMI’s Global Executive Council recently appeared in an online video series sponsored by World Finance. The videos cover a range of topic areas, including a discussion on how the project management profession has shifted over the years.

Delivering Project Management Innovation

by Andy Jordan

Innovation in project management is necessary—but not easy to achieve. How do organizations invest in it with the best chances of success?

The Stakeholder Problem

by Andy Jordan

Stakeholders can make or break a project. But there is one thing that can be far worse than disengaged stakeholders. Find out what it is—and what new and seasoned practitioners can do to help combat this danger.


Klaros-Testmanagement is a web-based software for the administration, organization and evaluation of test cases and test activities in quality assurance. A free Community Edition and a commercially supported Enterprise Edition are available.

Project Manager or Scrum Master? Is there a future for both roles?

Feb 14, 2019 9:00 AM EST (UTC-5)
PREMIUM webinar

For the past 15 years, the Scrum Master and Project Manager roles have coexisted well, especially in IT projects. From the very technical role that was part of the Software Development Team, the Scrum Master evolved into a new organizational role sometimes with a well-defined job description and with responsibilities that transcended the technical background from which it originated. Although the role was defined in the Scrum framework, the Scrum Master role is now present in other frameworks; there are many training courses and certifications available from organizations other than and scrum alliance with different views on the skills and responsibilities required of the Scrum Master. This provides additional evidence that the role is evolving beyond what the Scrum Guide authors intended. The Project Manager role has also changed since the Agile Manifesto publication and the adoption of Agile delivery frameworks. This evolution is mainly due to a dynamic business environment, more geographically distributed workforce, and, last but not least, the digital revolution: cloud, social media, and mobile technology impact how projects are managed and delivered. Some organizations are planning to convert Project Managers to Scrum Masters; in others, the Scrum Masters are encouraged to become Project Managers. This presentation is an assessment of the responsibilities, skills, and knowledge needed for each role and a view of the future of the two roles based on the presenter's experience as a Development Team Lead, Development Manager, Scrum Master, and Project Manager working with Scrum Teams.


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