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PRINCE2 - Overview


PRINCE stands for: PRojects IN Controlled Enviroments , While 2 stands for the version.

5S Method


5S represents Japanese words that describe the steps of a workplace organization process. English equivalent words are shown in parenthesis.

3-Points Estimating


3-Points is a technique that involves people that are professional in the task we are estimating by this technique. In three-point estimation, three figures are produced initially for every distribution that is required, based on prior experience or best-guesses:

Bottom-Up estimating


Bottom-up estimating involves the estimation of work at the lowest possible level of detail. These estimates are then aggregated in order to arrive at summary totals. By building detailed cost and time estimates for a work package, the probability of being able to meet the estimated amounts improves substantially.. Bottom-up estimates take more time to complete, but they also are more accurate than either analogous or parametric estimates.

War Room


War Room is a room dedicated to a project to provide communication and collaboration space for a project team. A room used for conferences and planning that is often specially equipped (as with computers, or charts).A room where people meet and exchange plans, ideas, information, etc., in an active way.

Opportunity to Participate in PMI Standards Development

by PMI

It's your opportunity to help shape a global project management standard that has sold more than 6 million copies! Find out how to review and provide feedback to the exposure draft of The Standard for Project Management.

Factors, Approaches, Impacts, and Effects of Communication

by Pang De Xian

Our fluency in conveying our messages affects the fluidity of the messagesā€™ transmissions, and thus the effectiveness of their intentions. Learning the relationships between factors, approaches, impacts, and the effects of communication can help to improve our communication and correspondence skills in listening, writing, and conversation.

PM Technical Skills: Balancing the Right and Left Brain

by Michael Wood

The mastery of all the talents contained within the PMI Talent TriangleĀ® would most likely require a person to have equilibrium between left- and right-brain functions. Here, we explore some technical PM talents through that lens.


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