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Listen Up

by Paul Harder

The majority of a project manager's time is not spent on writing status reports or updating milestone charts; it's spent listening. The success of a project manager depends upon the manager's skill at actively listening to clients, team members and management. Here are some tips to help you become a better listener.

No 'Wa-hoo' in My.Yahoo!

by George Ball

How hard is it to figure out the broad personal knowledge management needs of the 4 billion or so people on the planet? Apparently much harder than it should be. Web portals hold the promise of being your own little KM tool, but they need a firm kick up the wazoo.

Project Managers vs. Bean Counters: A Radical Approach To Developing Budgets

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Raise your hand if you're sure! Anyone? Hello? (Insert coughing sounds here.) Fear not. While they give accountants indigestion, confidence levels--no matter what they are--produce accurate estimates and better budgets, and not just for individual projects. Here's why confidence levels will provide a boost to your entire corporate budget.

Business Intelligence ROI: It's a Figment of Your Imagination

by Vijay Sankaran

How do you put a real dollar figure on the value of a BI project? You probably can't. That doesn't mean that you have to forgo determining business benefits, you just have to attack it from a different angle.

Will They Ask You Back? Be Demanding of Your Clients and Make Them Like It

by Donna Boyette

In most businesses you can focus on how to please your customers. On project teams, we have to ask our clients to do things they might not want to do. How can you be demanding of your clients and make them like it? If your company or your paycheck depend upon clients asking you back, this question is critical.

Detailed Pricing Model for Software Selection

by Vyom Bhuta

You have your software choices narrowed down. Now it's time to look at the bottom line. Cost is always important in your software package selection. This spreadsheet will make sure there are no hidden costs that you haven't considered.

The Unified Process: Some Whine with Your Cheese

by Andre Leclerc

The UP--the most popular software engineering process in use today--is a useful first step in building your own development process. But it's not all Gouda. Here's a closer look at the good and not-so-good aspects of this application appetizer.


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