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The Devil Made Me Do It: No Excuse For KM Failure.

by George Ball

Does it seem like all the powers of darkness are out to sabotage your KM efforts? Well, the Devil himself is here to answer some of our most pressing questions about his involvement in KM.

A Survivor's Guide to Reality PM

by Joe Wynne

Welcome to the place where you are isolated and forced to get along with scheming backstabbers who have odd personalities and their own secret agendas. A description of CBS' realilty TV show Survivor, the Australian Outback? No, it's a description of your workplace.

Business Plans: An Essential Tool for Success

by Miriam Ziemelis

There are some practical aspects to consider and some personal preferences that you will need to establish before you enter into business for yourself. The first step is to examine why you want to take this step. What do you hope to accomplish from this major career decision? In short, you will need a business plan. Let?s review some of the basics for beginning your plan whether you are self-employed or building a team to empower your company in the marketplace.

Project Protection: Play It Safe

by Paula K. Martin

Fastening your seatbelt, flossing your teeth, wearing a helmet -- you are proactive in your daily life to avoid disaters from happening. Why not make yourself and your team accountable to prevent project disasters? It's better to prevent than to lament.

Be the Order: A Simple CRM Analysis Technique

by Kevin Zelina

While you get caught up in technical and academic aspects of your project, your end users are often lost and confused, leaving a gap just big enough for failure. Here's how to close that gap and make your CRM projects more successful.

Global Perspectives in BI

by Vijay Sankaran

Spending some time in India has made me realize that BI is going global in a big way. Of course, there are a number of factors to consider when implementing systems in emerging tech countries.

Death and Taxes...and Customers!

by Vyom Bhuta

Some things in life are inevitable--unfortuntely, customers are not. You have to build a strategy to get and keep customers, based on who your customers are. Different types of customers require different CRM approaches, but one thing is certain: You can't afford to ignore CRM.

Show and Tell

by T.J. Ripley

High-tech recruiting can make your life easier--or complicate it with new software and online tools to learn. Luckily, there's a place on the Web that can help get you up and running with this technology.

The Power of X-Ray

by Rich Bennett

If you haven't heard of X-Ray, don't be surprised. You may have heard, however, that virtual communities are actually resources for millions of passive candidates--and they're free. Next, you'll want to know how to search them. That's where X-Ray comes in.


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