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Application of Function Point Analysis


Function points are a measure of the size of a software system. To convert function points into levels of effort, the productivity of the enterprise's development teams must be known or estimated. This three-for-one zipped deliverable includes a document explaining function point analysis, instructions on how to apply a function point analysis and a worksheet set up for an Albrecht function point analysis.

The Program Management Group PLC-Hydra

The Program Management Group is the world's leading authority on the design and implementation of products and services to manage complex projects in high-tech industries.

The Art of Leadership

by Geoff Choo

The best teams have leaders who know how to keep their teams productive by removing barriers and bringing out the best in their people.

You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure

by Andrew Miller

PlanView makes a software solution with a powerful premise: You can't manage what you can't measure. It has deeply integrated time and expense accounting into a fully Web-based product that includes management of projects and service work as well as a rich array of resource management features. Learn how PlanView provided Reuters Consulting with global resource management, resource time recording and the ability to integrate with the systems already implemented within the company.

A Winning Team

by Geoff Choo

It takes more than talent to build a good team. Assembling a group of superstars is a good start, but for world-class competition, you need a solid foundation of a team-friendly corporate culture. Learn the building blocks of a strong team and bring home the project gold.

Designing to Close the Stakeholder Value Gap

by Michael Wood

Asking stakeholders what they value seems to be the easiest way to find out. But there are flaws in traditional survey techniques. Here's a three-pronged approach that can help you close the treacherous stakeholer value gap.


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I'd rather be a failure at something I love, than a success at something I hate.

- George Burns