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The PMO of the Future Doesn't Exist

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Project management offices have a largely abysmal record, and are often established in crisis. And organizations are willing to shut them down so quickly, another product of a truth that many don’t acknowledge: Establishing a PMO is a change to the power structure and dynamics of the organization.

Conducting a PMO Health Check (Part 6)

by Michael Wood

To further assist in the health check process, this series continues with an examination of the rationale as to why each statement within each dimension is deemed to represent a healthy practice. In this installment, we look at the statements in Section 5 of the PMO Health Check Worksheet: Project Standards Governance.

Why the PMO Maturity Model Is Dead

by Andy Jordan

This author still meets organizations who are determined to move their PMO to the next level of maturity. He has a simple question for them: Why?

The Beneficial PMO

by Mike Donoghue

When project teams get to work, they seek to accomplish a variety of goals, such as reducing expenses while also making processes more efficient. So what are the cost and effort benefits that can be gained through the integration of a project management office?

Where's Your Plan B?

by Andy Jordan

When you are first taught PM skills, there’s a lot of focus on building the plan. But they never tell you about the importance of Plan B. This helps you deal with things that go wrong, but also helps you understand what might go wrong and prevent problems before they occur.

Progressive Elaboration


Community Guide of the PMI-ACP|Community Guide of the PMI-ACP Adaptive Planning|Adaptive Planning



Improved Project Completion:

Agile Is Under Attack…Join the Resistance!

by Paul Oppong

There are a number of reasons why agile is under attack. In this article, the author looks at the role of management, the confusion over the meaning of “agile,” and the fact that agile is not always the best fit. Learn what you can do to resist the “attack”!


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