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Identifying and Developing Future Leaders

PREMIUM presentation
by Nidhi Shah

This webinar highlights the need for developing an integrated framework for leadership identification & development. It outlines the key steps which are recommended to be taken by companies looking to implement a successful Leadership Identification and Development program.

What Can Soccer Teach Us About Project Management?

PREMIUM presentation
by Michael Perdunn

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ in full swing, we are once again surrounded by world-class soccer. What can the beautiful game teach us about the profession we've all dedicated our lives to?

The Fast, Flexible and Fact based Front End: Examining Discovery the Not So Fuzzy Front End of Innovation

PREMIUM presentation
by Kimberly Johnson Christopher Miller Brian Cohn Jennifer Arnold

Donald G. Reinertsen was at Booz Allen Hamilton when he coined the term “Fuzzy Front End” in an article for PMI in the 1980’s. He did so because he thought there was something going on up there at the beginning of New Product Development but it was fuzzy. I interviewed him for an article a few years later. By then he had come to dislike the term, “Fuzzy Front End”. He felt that, after more study, there were a number of tools and processes in place (some for decades), that made the front end into a repeatable process. Together we changed the original premise to “Fuzzy Logic” for the article. That concept of Fuzzy Logic (sampling the environment, the market, technology, the competition, etc.) became the basic concept behind this important discovery stage and the basis for many popular branded processes like Hunting for Hunting Grounds™. Never mind Reinertsen’s new thinking, the term “Fuzzy Front End” was catching on by the mid-90’s in the New Product Development community and perpetuated the myth of this stage as somewhat mystical. This webinar will attempt to demystify the new product discovery.

Intrinsic Motivation: Team Mastery for Managers

PREMIUM presentation
by David Kachoui

Much research and many popular books have been directed toward understanding the pursuit and achievement of mastery. A common understanding has emerged that mastery is more directly dependent upon the amount of time devoted toward deliberate practice. In mature skill areas, mastery can require 10,000 hours or more of deliberate practice. An organization or team filled with members who are committed toward achieving mastery is both desirable and elusive regardless of the industry or field. The key to achievement of mastery on an organizational or team level is individual motivation. Historically, most motivational research and advice has focused on extrinsic motivation. Recently, research has focused more and more on the power of intrinsic motivation. Intrinsically motivating teams can seem complicated and even contradictory. However, understanding the practical sources of intrinsic motivation can help managers apply the principles to real-world situations and increase their team’s drive to achieve mastery.

The Innovative Workings Behind How New Terms and Definitions are Adopted into Standards

PREMIUM presentation
by Gary Jing Kimberly Johnson Brian Cohn Gina Lund

Terminology sections or documents are critical resources for implementing a standard. However, users tend to take them for granted as just being part of the standard. But did you know: • In what situation a word or phrase is selected to be defined as a term in the terminology document or section? • What science is behind the definition of a term? • How to find definitions of a term in various standards for free? • How to relate the meaning of a term to the meaning in common dictionaries? • The word or phrase will be not be adopted as a term if the intended meaning of the word or phrase is found in a dictionary? • If not, you are not alone. New terms are not adopted easily in standards. It's a profound process - dull to some - yet largely unknown to people.

9 Gráficas Básicas para el Análisis de Riesgos e Incertidumbre en Proyectos

PREMIUM presentation
by Alfredo Armijos

Según el informe WEF Global Risks Report 2018, cerca de 6 de cada 10 principales ejecutivos en sus sectores empresariales experimentó un incremento en riesgos inherentes a sus negocios. Un 24% de sus pérdidas financieras fueron generadas por riesgos ambientales, cibernéticos, económicos y geopolíticos, con proyección a incrementarse en el próximo 2020. Es así cómo se evidencia a nivel mundial una tensión creciente hacia una gestión efectiva de las organizaciones. Y la dirección de los proyectos no es la excepción, acorde al reporte PMI Pulse of the Profession 2018. De las principales causas que condujeron a iniciativas ser declaradas como fracasos, la falta de definición de riesgos y oportunidades es una de ellas. Adicionalmente, solo cercano a 3 de cada 10 compañías aplican siempre prácticas en gestión de riesgos sobre sus proyectos. Esto conlleva a observar cómo instituciones de todo el mundo derrochan $1 millón cada 20 segundos. La praxis lleva a las organizaciones ejecutoras de proyectos a establecer un marco de gestión de riesgos que sea simple y resiliente frente a amenazas y oportunidades. En la actualidad, existe una gran diversidad de estándares, metodologías, herramientas y técnicas para este propósito. No obstante, gran parte de ellas han resultado ser complejas y subjetivas de aplicar para los gerentes de proyectos y de riesgos, lo que ha incrementado la incertidumbre en sus proyectos. Por lo tanto, es clave compartir con los gestores de proyectos y de riesgos un set de 9 gráficas básicas para el análisis integral de amenazas y oportunidades en esfuerzos temporales. Cada una de ellas proporciona una visión sistémica y pragmática de la toma de decisiones bajo riesgo e incertidumbre en los proyectos, migrando de esta forma del clásico paradigma determinístico hacia uno estocástico, inherente al entorno VUCA de los negocios del siglo XXI.

How to Facilitate Productive Planning Meetings

PREMIUM presentation
by Jim Stewart, PMP

Planning is vital to your project execution and success. Projects are often multifunctional, requiring input from various stakeholders. This webinar will discuss how to effectively facilitate productive face-to-face kickoff sessions (both in person and virtual) and ongoing planning meetings.

Разработка и поддержка программного обеспечения - от каскадной модели к Аджайл

PREMIUM presentation
by Assylbek Zhumadyrov

Экстремально высокий темп изменений в современном бизнесе и технологиях требует гибкого подхода управления. Именно здесь и приходит на помочь Аджайл. Рассмотрение практического кейса перехода от каскадной модели к аджайл в дочерней ИТ компании большой горнодобывающей корпорации • Почему каскадная модель провалилась? • Как управлять запросами пользователей в то время, когда количество пользователей постоянно растет, как и постоянно растет команда ИТ • Препятствия на пусти перехода от каскада к аджайлу (внутренние и внешние) • Как приоритезировать задачи и запросы. Секретная формула • Скрам или Канбан? Что лучше и когда?


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