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What Makes a Quality PM?

by Andy Jordan

As project managers, we have to believe that we add value to projects…but how do we ensure that we are providing quality project management? What makes a “high quality” project manager? It’s not as simple as ensuring that the project delivers against its constraints...

What Makes an Initiative Strategic? And Why Does It Matter?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

We hear a lot about strategic initiatives. What we don’t hear about, however, is how and why they get that label in the first place. What makes one project strategic, where another one is just a project? And just what kind of impact does labelling a project “strategic” have on its ability to be successful?

What Makes Up A Perfect Web Team?

by Sunil Sharma

You have to know your makeup if you want to be beautiful. Learn how to apply just the right touches to ensure your web team doesn't get lost in the dating, er, data world.

What Makes You So Special?...Interview Savvy!

by Miriam Ziemelis

We aren't going to insult you with the usual "do's and don'ts" of interviewing. If you don't know enough to comb your hair and avoid foul language, we can't help you. But since you're beyond that, you could use some finesse to set you apart from the crowd of candidates.

What Matters Most

by Barry Otterholt

After three or four projects, you learn that there are a few things that must go right for most any project to succeed. These are generally referred to as the Critical Success Factors, or CSFs. Here are six:


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