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2011 Requirements Lifecycle Award

Efforts of winners have evolved into the BA Skills Center, which acts as resource for more than 100 business analysts at Merck.

2011: The State of the PMO

by Margo Visitacion
July 26, 2011 | 45:26 | Views: 185 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 3.72 / 5

Please join Margo Visitacion, Vice President and Principle Analyst for Forrester Research, as she presents her latest research on the State of the PMO

2012 CIO Survival Guide: Where Do We Go From Here?

by Michael Wood

So much for 2011 being the year of recovery. Next year should be much like the last. Some recent developments may impact your success as a CIO. What trends are likely to impact your organization from an IT perspective? What strategies and actions will yield the best outcomes for CIOs and their companies?

2012 IT Survey Recap

by Michael Wood

It's that time of year again! With most of 2012 behind us, what do the surveys and research reveal about where CIOs are focused and how they see the future? To answer this question we will look at the following four categories: CIO strategies and priorities; IT salaries and employment; IT spending; and web security.

2012 PMI Project of the Year Award Finalist: Lab On the Move

by Keith Jackson II

Securing buy-in from a lone stakeholder group can be difficult enough, but when Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) (Richland, Washington, USA), launched a project, which was a 2012 PMI Project of the Year finalist, to move its facilities, it had to engage three high-profile government stakeholders and its own staff of scientists. This article discusses how the company moved a laboratory without disrupting its cutting-edge work for some high-profile government agencies.

2012 PMI Project of the Year Award Wi nner: Defying the Odds

by Keith Jackson II

Holding more than 220,000 aging and decaying weapons containing 7.4 million pounds (34 million kilograms) of VX, sarin and mustard gases, the Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (Hermiston, OR, USA) could be a dangerous place. This article discusses how the project team at the Umatilla facility safely destroyed the stockpile by a disarmament treaty deadline of 29 April 2012. This effort, which received the PMI 2012 Project of the Year award, was accomplished with the help of engineering firm URS Corporation (Hermiston, OR, USA). The article details how the project team reduced the significant risks inherent to dealing with such volatile weapons and chemicals, especially the risks of sarin gas and VX nerve agent polluting the surrounding environment or a munitions fire scorching the landscape. It overviews how the safety aspects were addressed, noting that an Operational Readiness Review board was established to ensure the site had the systems and processes to safely process the weapons in compliance with regulations.

2012 PMI Research and Education Conference live Broadcast

by Lavagnon Ika  Dr Paul Steinfort Derek Walker, PhD
July 18, 2012 | 45:04 | Views: 112 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 3.85 / 5

This event will be broadcasted live from the 2012 PMI Research and Education Conference in Limerick Ireland. The event will bring the accademics and the Practioners in the International Development together. SYMPOSIUM 23050 : What Makes International Development

2013 CIO Survival Guide: Brave New World?

by Michael Wood

Another year has come and gone. It seems 2012 brought more uncertainty than expected for most companies. From where this writer sits, 2013 will most likely be another water-treading year for organizations--and CIOs need to be thinking about a potential repeat of 2009/10 and another global recession.

2013 IT Budgets: New Horizon or More of the Same?

by Michael Wood

More than ever before, CIOs need to be extremely nimble and adaptable. They need to find ways to stay aligned with the business while doing more with less, and create scenario-based business plans and supporting budgets. Here are some tips on producing a flexible budget to management that focuses on aligning spending to economic realities and probable possibilities.

2013 IT Survey and Research Recap

by Michael Wood

Every year, there are more IT-related surveys than mere mortals can keep up with. Never fear! The annual IT Survey and Research Recap can give you an edge by providing you a quick reference guide to a host of surveys. The following topics made the cut for 2013: IT Spending, Data Centers, Cloud Computing, BYOD, IT Salaries, Big Data and Security.


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