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Effective Stakeholder Engagement: A Tool for Project Success

by Manavasi Ramesh

In complex infrastructure projects, external stakeholders may have the greatest impact due to land acquisition problems, right of way issues, environmental issues, and government regulations. Using case studies, this article presents the challenges of stakeholder management and supplies tools to help find solutions and ensure positive outcomes.

Effective Stakeholder Management Using Core Teams

by Nate Solberg

Stakeholder management is critical to the success or failure of a project. The core team process is an important tool for ensuring buy-in and fostering collaboration throughout the business. It is also a means for collecting ongoing input for the team, which will reduce your level of project risk. Most importantly, it will allow you to manage your stakeholders effectively by actively including them in the project life cycle.

Effective Steering Committee Meetings

by Michel Wagner, PMP

To achieve the best results, a project manager needs a steering committee functioning in a supportive and effective manner. You are the captain of the ship but some of the steering committee members may enjoy watching you “walk on the plank,” as if they want to throw you out to the sharks. Sound familiar? Here are some tips and techniques that may help the next time you encounter this situation.

Effective Team Member Relationships

by Andy Jordan

Project managers only succeed when their teams succeed, but what does that mean for how the PM manages relationships with individual team members? Read about the biggest mistake that new project managers make.

Effective Teaming

by Robert Martinez

Some say leaders are born, not made. Perhaps, but teams are not born so therefore have to be made. But more often than not, project managers don’t get to choose their team or team members. Given this reality, how do we make the most of our teaming opportunities? This paper offers ideas on the dynamics of effective teams and team building, focusing on the characteristics of successful teams.

Effective Use of Kanban for Monitoring and Controlling Low-Complexity Projects in a High-Volume Project Environment

by M.W. Settlemire, PMP

Kanban is an effective tool for monitoring and controlling high-volume/low-complexity projects when the goal is to increase throughput, limit work in process (WIP), and measure flow in project environments. Implementation of this approach has the ability to reduce the project management team’s level of effort while optimizing resource utilization.

Effective Validation Testing for Regulatory Compliant Agile Software

by Dina Laresch, PMP

The iterative nature of agile development poses key challenges when validating software for regulated industries. With thoughtful planning and careful execution, it is possible to achieve compliance through automated testing. Successful practices using automated validation testing and the steps a team can take to reduce validation cost and time at the end of a release cycle are discussed.

Effectively Handling Project Issues, Risks, and Actions

by Richard Bernheim

The effective handling of all project issues, risks, and actions by a project manager and/or project management office (PMO) is one of the more important daily responsibilities. Good performance in this regard is a critical PMO success factor. The author proposes some "best practices" for conducting review sessions to collect, record, and address these issues, risks, and actions.

Effectively Leading Diverse Teams

by Baish Nair

Having a diverse team should be an asset. Leadership has to channel energy from different forms to facilitate a coming together of different ideas, cultures, thought processes and aspirations in a well-orchestrated, seamless collaboration.

Effectively Managing Project Resources

by Cheryl Josler
November 09, 2012 | 45:39 | Views: 569 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.03 / 5

Discover new ways to think about what resources you will need to make your project successful! The PMI Healthcare Community of Practice has partnered with the HR Community of Practice to present Cheryl Josler, an HR professional with a passion for project management. Ms Josler will cover things you can use TODAY to start your project right followed by advice on how to get those resources committed and engaged. This webinar will also spend some time talking about realigning the resources once the project is underway. Join us for this exciting topic on weaving human resource management methodologies into your project methodologies.


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