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Effectively Leading Diverse Teams

by Baish Nair

Having a diverse team should be an asset. Leadership has to channel energy from different forms to facilitate a coming together of different ideas, cultures, thought processes and aspirations in a well-orchestrated, seamless collaboration.

Effectively Managing Project Resources

by Cheryl Josler
November 09, 2012 | 45:39 | Views: 584 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.03 / 5

Discover new ways to think about what resources you will need to make your project successful! The PMI Healthcare Community of Practice has partnered with the HR Community of Practice to present Cheryl Josler, an HR professional with a passion for project management. Ms Josler will cover things you can use TODAY to start your project right followed by advice on how to get those resources committed and engaged. This webinar will also spend some time talking about realigning the resources once the project is underway. Join us for this exciting topic on weaving human resource management methodologies into your project methodologies.

Effectively Managing Risks During Project Execution

by Saleh Al-Wadei, PMP

Proactively managing risks during the different phases of a project can have a significant impact on the project’s outcome. Explore four key factors that can help alleviate the workload of the project management team and lead to better project results.

Effectiveness Skills: Five Lessons for the IT PM

by Matthew D. Gonzalez, MCSE, PMP

Sometimes, the most valuable lessons an IT project manager learns are the result of wrong decisions. Here are five lessons to keep in mind as you try to prove yourself worthy of working for a mature organization and become a senior level IT PM.

EffectusGruppen-Project Management

Project management trainings at various levels of detail:
a) six days company specific basic training
b) two-days specific skills seminars
c) one day intensive practice seminars
d) Governance training

Efficient Project Team Consolidation in Post-Merger Companies

by Nat Schatz

When evaluating the acquisition of a company, many organizations emphasize the financial aspects but downplay facets of the consolidation dealing with project execution. This paper examines the major considerations and discusses how to improve the integration process to avoid negative impact.

Effort Estimation: Significance and Design-Framework in Today’s IT Business Context

by Sarabjeet Singh Arora

Typically, effort estimates are overly optimistic, and there tends to be a good deal of over-confidence regarding their accuracy. Today, customers are more interested in knowing all of the pricing factors and pricing influencers in any service deal; effort estimation (being a direct input to service price) becomes a vital success factor in today's competitive business environment.

Effort-Based Project Forecasting

by George Jucan, MSc, PMP, OCP

Can't use earned value because your cost data is confidential? Or because the actual costs are not accurate or itemized enough? No problem! Simply use the time assignments and completion percentages for project status and forecasting.

Effort-Based Project Forecasting Workbook

by George Jucan, MSc, PMP, OCP

The attached workbook is useful for these many projects out there where no costing data can be used--or is not available--so the classic Earned Value Technique cannot be applied. It provides not only a progress tracking mechanism but also effort based project forecasting based on the above consideration.


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