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Easy as Pie

by Andrew Makar, PMP

The ezEVA template is an effective tool to track and manage project health throughout a project. The historical tracking allows project managers to determine past and future performance trends. The metrics provide additional performance and cost indicators that provide a better assessment of project health.

Easy in theory, difficult in practice

by Kiron Bondale

My musings on project management, project portfolio management and change management. I'm a firm believer that a pragmatic approach to organizational change that addresses process & technology, but primarily, people will maximize chances for success. This blog contains articles which I've previously written and published as well as new content.

Easy Risk Analysis

by Teresa James

I have found the Crawford Slip Method (CSM) a simple and powerful tool for analyzing risk that has the side benefit of supporting team building. This method is an easy way to identify risks with minimal amount of required time, equipment, and training. This article examines some of the aspects of CSM and some from the nominal group technique, which includes the group review and ranking of the answers.


A visual tool for IT projects for the rapid development of functional UI prototypes including automatic generation of documentation in Word and UML.©

Distribute, share and collect project task information using a user-friendly and intuitive Excel template. EasyProjectPlan tasks can be synchronized with Microsoft Project and Outlook. EasyProjectPlan simulates an enterprise task management system using a user-friendly Excel template that requires no installation program or add-ins.

Eat Your Own Dog Food

by Luc K. Richard

Is your food the best on the market? Even though software companies spend billions of dollars on market research and usability studies, the majority of them don't even use their own product internally.

Eat Your Own Dog Food, IT

by Vijay Sankaran

IT guys are known for making big promises and sometimes serving up solutions that are less than gourmet-caliber. Maybe it's time for IT to take a taste of what it's dishing out, to improve service and reputation.


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"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night."

- Steve Martin