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EBSuite-Customer Support w/Project Management

Our customers say it best: "Move Beyond Remedy" California State University, Northridge. Web Based Customer Support Help Desk application includes: Contact Management, Knowledge Base, Customer Self-Service Portal, customer-facing web service, Case Tracking, Case Assignment,Case Alerts/Escalation Support Team Control, Interaction History, email notification of cases, link Cases to Software Bugs/Patches, Notes and Attachments.

EBSuite-Project Management

Project Management, Gantt Chart, Document Library, Version History, Sub Projects, Patch/Bug History, Nested Patches, Version History, document encryption, Calendar and Tasks,Timesheet Tracking

E-Business Performance: Myths and Realities

by Sunil Sharma

With so many New Economy endeavors closing up shop, now is a good time to take a look at the factors for success in e-business and the wrong assumptions that have led so many to fail.

Economic Sense: What the State of the Economy Means for Project Professionals

by Kelley Hunsberger

The health of the global economy affects the health of your projects. A grasp on economic trends can help project professionals stand out by proving they can help navigate the chaos and improve the bottom line. Three trends are making waves in the business arena, and forcing project leaders to take action.

Economic Woe...or No?

by Bob Weinstein

Who said the economy is falling apart? Don’t believe everything you read (well, believe this article…)

Economy Turning Around? You're Joking!

by Bob Weinstein

Forget everything you've read about the long-awaited turnaround never happening and that the economy is still in miserable shape. Just blot it out of your mind, because brand new statistics and projections say things are looking up. If you were down about February's numbers, you'll feel a lot better when you take a gander at what's ahead. Read on and get the latest take on the job market. (And it's okay if you're a tad confused...)


Attain the edge over your professional contemporaries with eCornell’s convenient online certificate programs, and a formidable catalog of options including Leadership and Strategic Management and Project Leadership and Systems Design certificates.


EcoSys delivers next generation cost controls software in an integrated, easy-to-use web application. Achieve best practices for project cost management, capital planning, budgeting and EVM.


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"There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun."

- Pablo Picasso