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Extreme Project Management

by Charles Ludwig

Extreme Project Management (XPM) is a methodology used to describe how to deliver projects on time and budget based on the scope. Is the theory behind this concept really new, or just another name for what many project managers already know? Either way, this article points out the true "extremes" of project management, highlights the theory behind XPM and provides some guidance on when to use the technique.

Extreme Stakeholder Management

by Doug DeCarlo, Principal, The Doug DeCarlo Group

If you thought herding cats is difficult, try managing stakeholders!


ExtremePlanner helps software teams collaborate by tracking features, development tasks, test cases and more.

Eye on the Workforce

by Joe Wynne

Workforce management is a key part of project success, but project managers often find it difficult to get trustworthy information on what really works. From interpersonal interactions to big workforce issues we'll look the latest research and proven techniques to find the most effective solutions for your projects.

Eyes on the Big Picture


Project management leaders must see the links and barriers between strategy and execution, bring context to data, and communicate up, down and across their organizations, says Tim Wasserman, director of the Stanford Advanced PM program. Here he discusses the program’s Strategic Execution Framework.

Eyes Wide Open

by Karen Klein

AT&T program manager Dave Davis is a big fan of integrated portfolio management. But as a realist, he says companies and implementation project leaders should know more about the challenges they face before jumping in head first. Here, he expounds on 10 points to ponder.


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