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Falcon Training (2015) Limited

Falcon Training does one thing, and one thing extremely well. We train exceptional project managers. We provide project management training at all levels from introductory level up to PMP level.

False Alarm

by Bob Weinstein

Don't believe everything you read: The semiconductor industry is still in the doghouse, and that's not good news for the tech job landscape.

False Fears

by Bob Weinstein

Some recent surveys have shown that recession fears haven’t affected IT salaries. But don't get too complacent.

False Pretenses

by David Schmaltz

Aeronautical engineers don’t try to “fix” gravity; sailors don’t try to change the wind’s direction. But many project managers expend much of their energy trying and failing to remedy universal features of organizational life, when they could more usefully adapt to their eternal presence.

Fantastic Tools and Where To Find Them

May 20, 2020 2:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

Join us for an interactive, fun, and informative webinar in which you will learn and practice PMI's Ethics Toolkit for Project Management practitioners' Case studies (ethical dilemmas) derived from our project managers’ life will be presented, and the discussed, available tools will be proposed and applied. This is the second webinar of the series "Ethics in project management: a Masterclass". Find the previous one here:

FAQ: ProjectsAtWork Joins


As ProjectsAtWork officially moves to, here are answers to some frequently asked questions, including how you can continue to access our content on, and what happens to your profile, comments and subscriptions moving forward.

Fast Forward

by Joe Wynne

With the right preparation for today's hiring environment, you can reduce the time and pain involved in selection. Here are the first steps to finding that candidate fast.


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- Buddha