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Kicking Up Your Kinetic Energy

by Tom L. Barnett, PMP

Has the spark gone out of your project meetings? Does your team seem like they need a recharge? Did you ever think the problem might be you? Even if you think you’re already “giving” at the office--it may not be enough.

Kick-Start Your PMO

by Carleton Chinner

A solid understanding of the PMO position and purpose will provide you with the insight needed to articulate specific, business-oriented goals and objectives. Learn how to take your PMO from entry-level basics to all-star performer.

KIDASA Software, Inc.-Milestones Professional

Create presentation quality schedules using a unique click-and-drag interface which makes scheduling projects a breeze. Easy schedule distribution with free viewer and Internet Publishing wizard.

KIDASA Software, Inc.-Milestones Professional 2002

Milestones Professional combines powerful project scheduling and tracking capabilities with ease-of-use. Create presentation-ready schedules, manage large projects, transform Project schedules into presentation schedules, and more.

Kids’ Stuff

by Michael Aucoin

What are the boundaries around your project? When it comes to projects, this writer likes to turn this question inside out--how far do we have the freedom to go? The best and most productive agile teams strike an effective balance between reasonable boundaries and freedom to explore. Just look at kids for proof...

Killer Project

by Kathryn M. Denton

Is your shop singing the admin blues? Do you have trouble getting excited about yet another accounting reporting project? Is package integration mayhem reeking havoc on your staff's morale? Are the infrastructure projects outnumbering the business value projects 9 to 1? Read on to learn how to pick the next project with pizzazz that will pull your developers out of the doldrums.

Killing the Weekly Status Meeting

by Donald Charles Wynes

One of the most common--and commonly hated--traditions of project management is the weekly status meeting. Is your status meeting truly a benefit to your team members? Add life to your project with a new approach.

Kimball vs. Inmon: You Want the Truth?!

by Vijay Sankaran

They won't be duking it out on pay-per-view any time soon, but the battle wages over who is the true Father of Data Warehousing.


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