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Quality Agile Management (Japanese Translation)

by Johanna Rothman

マネージャーがアジャイルアプローチでどのように変化するかは重要です。 管理の卓越性が高いほど、つまり管理の品質が高いほど、アジャイルアプローチの使用は簡単になります。 それには、マネージャーがアジャイル文化をどのように考え、創造するかを変える必要があります。

Quality Analysis in Project Management

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Quality analysis and quality management can be a full-time occupation for an entire team of people on a project. Unfortunately, not all projects have the scope or resources available to hire a quality team to work on a project. This article explores some basic guidelines for using analysis to manage quality on a project.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control--Powerful Tools of Risk Management

by Frank Winters

Just what we all need: more BS in our work lives. Basically Semantics, that is! Program Management and Project Management, Quality Assurance and Quality's all enough to make your head spin. Here's a crash course to help you stay atop the definition debate.

Quality Assurance Assessment Checklists


This thorough and detailed assessment is a series of five checklists designed to guide you through the entire project lifecycle from start to finish: planning, analysis, design, construction and implementation.

Quality Computing Projects Inc.

We offer high-quality small-class PMP Certification Prep Classes in a friendly, relaxing environment for those seeking to increase project successes and prepare for their PMP certification exam.

Quality Control

by Bob Weinstein

IT project managers should be able to learn a thing or two from manufacturing companies, who have taken many paths in order to achieve quality control. How do manufacturers achieve it? With targeted technology.

Quality Control

by Michael Wood

Discussion on quality management has not evolved much since the mid-1990s. Within executive circles, the discussions are not about the importance of quality, but rather on what quality is, how it is achieved and how it can be measured. The issues surrounding quality seem focused on definition and approach rather than on need. What is quality? What does senior management expect from the quality process, and how do these expectations apply to IT? Read on...


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