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Sample Solar Power Project WBS

PREMIUM deliverable
by Syed Faizan Ali Shah

This Excel template can be used by project managers as a reference to help plan their solar power project. The WBS structure with tentative durations will guide them in managing the project effectively, and activities can be added in detail.

Sample Status Report


A project manager needs status reports from project team members on a regular basis to see what's going on. This sample report is easy to fill out, covers all the salient points without taking a lot of time and provides valuable insight into how the project is proceeding.

Sample Top Ten Risks List


From the home office in Fairfax, Virginia, here is a sample list of top ten software development risks. Of course, your risks will be different.

Sample Travel Expense Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Jim Harris

One of the biggest budget busters in the world of project management is travel. Have you taken one trip too many? This Excel spreadsheet will tell.

Sample Weekly Construction Project Report

PREMIUM deliverable
by Alisher Aliev

This template is a sample Weekly Project Report originally utilized in an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) Gas Chemical Project. The report contains sections for project control (project progress, manpower status, area of concern, shipment status, delivery status); QA/QC status; HSE status; and more. Adapt as needed for your own project.

Sample Weekly Status Report

PREMIUM deliverable
by Andy Jordan

Stay on top of your project with this weekly status report template, which helps you track issues, delays, key accomplishments, planned activities and risks.

Sandwich Sense (Part 1)

by Craig Curran-Morton

Quality is a nebulous term that is often misunderstood and misrepresented. In this series of articles, our writer presents a three-stage quality management process of quality planning, quality assurance and quality control using a simple example of purchasing a submarine sandwich (hold the pickles, please!).

Sandwich Sense (Part 2)

by Craig Curran-Morton

Still hungry? As our mouth-watering series on quality management continues, quality assurance takes center stage. While the concepts are often not well defined and are made more complicated than they need to be, a trip to the sub shop may hold the answers.


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