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Turning Green: A Quality Standards Approach to Green Projects

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

A real commitment to operating a business and performing projects in an environmentally conscious and responsible way is a commitment to quality standards that minimize CO2 emissions and promote sustainability. To realize the full benefits of turning green, an enterprise must take a disciplined and systematic approach to implementing green standards.

Turning Initiative into Action

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

An initiative can exist in the mind or on paper, but how do you take that initiative and turn into action and create a project and end result from it? That, in a nutshell, is the job of a project manager.

Turning Knowledge Into Value

by [email protected]

Preliminary results from an ongoing research project suggest that it is not the experience and competence of individuals that matters most to project success; rather, it is the team members’ willingness to share and combine their knowledge.

Turning Metrics into Maturity

by Peter McBride, PMP

Earned value management is a widely recognized system for planning and controlling projects, and project managers should consider a deeper education in the tool. But some of EVM’s benefits are overlooked at the organizational level, specifically strategic planning and risk and change management maturity.

Turning Plans Into Action

by Tom Keenze

What are you doing? If you're like most American businesses, you aren't doing anything except talking and planning. Here's the message: It you want something done, just do it.

Turning Projects Into Profits

by Mavenlink

In today’s high-performing organizations, project managers are also profit managers. To deliver profitability, they use technology to increase visibility, predict outcomes and respond to changing business dynamics. In doing so, they leverage the concept of distributed accountability.

Turning Techies into Salespeople

by Bob Weinstein

There’s a severe shortage of technical salespeople, and the ideal candidate has become a PM with strong IT credentials.

Turnover Blues

by Bob Weinstein

PMs face higher turnover rates, so you better find out what a prospective employer's turnover rates are like so you're not pounding the pavement eight months after you take your next job. Here is what you can do about it.

'Twas the Night After Christmas…

by Andy Jordan

Who knew you could glean valuable PM insights from those people up at the North Pole? Here we take a look at planning the project post-mortem and actions, Santa style!


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