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Your PMO Resolution: Don't Overthink It

by Michael Wood

Shaping a PMO that adds value in a simple, straightforward way is a challenge that many PMO leaders would be hard-pressed to achieve. For those of you new to leading a PMO or struggling to wrap your arms around PMO processes, this article should help.

Your Post-Pandemic Strategy

by Andy Jordan

Even as the world economy and individual business deal with the fallout of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, leaders need to get focused on how to build a better organization going forward. Here are some questions to ask and areas of investment to consider.

Your Project GPS

by [email protected]

To know where you're at, give your projects a disciplined status process that fulfills these five characteristics.

Your Project's Approved...Now What?

by Andy Jordan

The mistake that many project managers will make is that they will rush headlong into planning the project without first ensuring that the fundamental pieces of the project infrastructure are in place. What should we be doing to ensure that the project starts as smoothly as possible? Not ignoring initiation is a good start.

Your Project's Top Risks


If David Letterman were a project manager, he'd have a top top ten list of project risks. You can't be Letterman, but you can make your own top ten list of your project's specific risks by clicking here.

Your Relationship with the PMO

by Al Taylor

PMs that work in a mature project organization are in an environment that likely includes the PMO. The PM’s relationship with the PMO is important, so they would be well advised to understand the role of the PMO in the organization.

Your Risk Management Probably Isn't Working

by Andy Jordan

You’ll never meet a project manager who thinks risk management is a waste of time, but much of the risk management that’s happening is just that—a waste of time.

Your SaaS Application Implementation Framework

by Tom L. Barnett, PMP

The best way to plan a project is to deconstruct it. One PM has been using a handy model to clearly outline the types of work that need to be done by both IT and the business in order to activate most SaaS packages. Key an eye on these six subtleties when deploying packaged vendor solutions.


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