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PlanView Pre-Installation Checklist


As good as it is, your PlanView consulting team is not psychic. You'll need to exchange technical information with them to configure and manage your operating environment to guarantee optimal performance of the PlanView software.

PlanView Project Charter


You're about to implement PlanView, so you should start by describing the project and defining its purpose. This sample Project Charter will help you define your PlanView project parameters.

PlanView Project Implementation Plan


Are you managing a PlanView implementation project? Use this sample project plan to define the technical and managerial processes necessary to deliver the project requirements.

Tower of Babble

by Paula Weber

Implementing a new telemanagement and accounting system in a large company is stressful enough. Doing so simultaneously in five countries, four languages and three time zones is enough to drive any project manager crazyor into the arms of another project manager!

Thriving in the Midst of an IT Resource Shortage

by Deborah Stadtler

Qualified candidates for IT jobs are becoming harder to find, and once in a position, even harder to keep satisfied. Let TeamPlay show you how its management tool can help you overcome resource obstacles and continue delivering successfully.

Playing It Safe

by James Odell

Part of what makes agent-based systems so versatile and useful also makes them particularly vulnerable to security issues. Once you open up your environment, you open yourself up to all kinds of risks. Know what they are and plan for them. Lock down what you need to or face the dire consequences of insecure agent systems.

Communication Breakdown

by Stephen Maye

What's the best way to get your message across to your team? TALK TO THEM! Although it's not a hard concept, communication planning is not widely used in PM, yet it could make a big difference in the outcome of your project.

Theory of PMO Evolution

by Jim Harris

Back in the dark ages, there were projects, and there were teams, but the coordination of those elements was lacking, and productivity suffered. With a new respect for the science of project management, organizations are growing into the idea of PMO.

Internet Services to the Rescue!

by Andre Leclerc

Service-based architectures are offering a lot to companies and their users, including the headaches of extensive modification to legacy systems and the frustrating lack of a common architecture to house them. Is the opportunity to publicly offer information to your users worth it?

Intelligent Project Management

by Vijay Sankaran

Want to get the undying grattitude of your PM peers and more importantly, those above you? Try initiating a BI project management initiative. If you can successfully calculate how long your project will take and how much it will cost, you've made it.


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"There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out."

- Russian proverb



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