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Methodology Implementation Project Charter (Korean Translation)

PREMIUM deliverable

이것은 방법론을 구현하기위한 프로젝트 헌장의 높은 수준의 예이지만 구조와 접근법은 많은 프로젝트에서 효과적입니다. 이 예는 위험과 가정, 예산 책정, 역할 설명 및 분쟁 해결에 관한 내용이 많습니다.

Project Management Roles and Responsibilities (Japanese Translation)

PREMIUM deliverable

プロジェクトが効率的かつ効果的に実行されるように、PMO、プロジェクトマネージャーおよびメンターはすべて協力して行動しなければなりません。 これらの役割の説明と行列は、誰が何をするのかを明確にするのに役立ちます。

Unlocking the Secret of Agents

by James Odell

Whether you're looking for your big break in Hollywood or building an IT system, understanding agents can be crucial to your success.

Changing the Rules

by Andre Leclerc

Speed up the pace of business changes with new rules-based development products from IBM and Versata.

A Method to Madness

by Francine Meidhof

Getting project requirements from of your clients can be like pulling teeth. Best practices and methodologies can be your best friend, provided you use them correctly.

Agents of Change

by James Odell

The world of business--like the world in general--is changing faster than most people can chase it. Look to nature for advice on building systems that stay in line. A decentralized, agent-based system can adapt and evolve to keep you up to speed.

Working Knowledge : How Organizations Manage What They Know

Author: Thomas H Davenport, Laurence Prusak | ISBN: 1578513014

Drawing from their work with more than 30 knowledge-rich firms, Davenport and Prusak--experienced consultants with a track record of success--examine how all types of companies can effectively understand, analyze, measure and manage their intellectual assets, turning corporate wisdom into market value. They categorize knowledge work into four sequential activities--accessing, generating, embedding and transferring--and look at the key skills, techniques and processes of each. While they present a practical approach to cataloging and storing knowledge so that employees can easily leverage it throughout the firm, the authors caution readers on the limits of communications and information technology in managing intellectual capital.

Software Architecture for Product Families: Principles and Practice

Author: Mehdi Jazayeri, Alexander Ran, Frank Van Der Linden | ISBN: 0201699672

This book simplifies the intimidating process of learning how to design software for product-line engineering by focusing on three key aspects of architectural practice: architecture description, assessment and recovery. Practitioners will learn how to pinpoint the source of their problems, focus on the big picture and see what kinds of problems can be addressed with the product-family approach. With this book as a guide, software developers will be able to implement a sound product-family architecture that will result in better quality, reduced costs and decreased time to market.
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