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Ready to RUP!

by Andre Leclerc

Rational wants to be your one stop shop for OO knowledge. Which means that you need a process for your object-oriented project. Rational provides the Rational Unified Process to accompany the panoply of other services already offered. What is the RUP? Can it help you save your troubled project?

My Name Is Not Claire Voyant!

by Paula Weber

Jayne Sharp quickly discovered that her job description as project team member was missing an important and unspoken qualification: psychic ability to read management's mind.

Security Requirements Form


Ensure that your application, network and database is secure from unauthorized user access. Define your security requirements with this specifications form and checklist.

Training Services Review Form


If you contract an external training service to train users in your new application, you should evaluate their performance. Use this form to review the training team's performance and leverage it against future training service needs.

Usability Review Form


Are you doing usability testing on your application's user interface? Use this checklist to perform a thorough review on how easily users interpret, navigate and respond to the GUI.

User Requirements Planning Form


When developing a new system, you'll have to interview the future users and ascertain their requirements for the system. This form walks you through the process.

Distributed Application Partitioning Form


If you're developing a distributed application system, this form will help you make strategic design decisions on how to partition system components.


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