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Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence is very important in Project Management. It will help us to improve communications and relationships with our stakeholders and thus increase motivation and productivity.

PM Leadership Skills: Attitude


The attitude of the project manager plays a pivotal role on any project as it will affect the communication with the team and the client as well.

PM Leadership Skills: Never Blame


Some managers spend too much time finding other team members to blame in order not to put themselves on the line. Blaming someone else might sound great to many but they will end up with no one else to blame except themselves because by blaming others, you give up your power to grow and change.

Resource-Critical Path


The Resource-Critical Path is a technique to find why the end date of a resource-constrained, workload-leveled project is what it is. The technique differs from the Critical Path technique because the Resource-Critical Path incorporates not only the logical dependencies but also resource dependencies. A resource dependency is when an activity (B) o...

1%-10% Rule


The 1%-10% Rule is used to determine the proper level of detail while breaking down the work of a project. The rule states that the lowest level of activities in the WBS of a project should have a duration no less than 1% of the project duration and not more than 10% of the project duration.

Artful Nagging for Task Completion


One of Merriam-Webster’s definitions of nag is “to annoy (someone) with repeated questions, requests, or orders.” Nagging can become an art form in project management - striking the right level of annoyance is critical; you want to encourage action, but not significant frustration or avoidance. Project managers frequently have to find a unique and subtle balance with many different project participants, so having a number of different approaches in your skillset is advantageous. Being able to nag effectively, by varying approach and using humor, can have a big impact on project outcomes.

Parametric Estimating


Parametric Estimation as the name suggests is based on parameters, a number of units you need to do. In many cases based on industry published tables, then adjusted by region and season. Some large organizations have built detailed historical data that can be used.


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One word sums up probably the responsibility of any vice president, and that one word is 'to be prepared'.

- Dan Quayle