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Resource Planning Crash Course

PREMIUM presentation

Resource planning is a fundamental project management skill. Here's a crash course to get everyone up to speed on what is expected.

Activity Planning and Sequencing Crash Course

PREMIUM presentation

The Activity Planning and Sequencing Crash Course gives novice project managers or project team members a quick and dirty grasp of essentials needed to develop and achieve realistic project schedules.

Developing a Schedule

PREMIUM presentation

If developing a schedule were easy, no project manager would ever have a problem with it. This presentation serves as a guide to the key points that must be mastered to develop realistic project schedules.

Presenting Your Business Case to Management

PREMIUM presentation
by Michael Wood

Presenting a winning business case with the right amount of the right information for the right audience is the key to getting approval and funding for your project! Here is a presentation that will give you the fine points on how to do just that.

Customer Involvement

PREMIUM presentation

You're not just managing a project, but working with a customer. This presentation walks you through customer involvement in the project management setting.

Legacy Software and Hardware Analysis

PREMIUM presentation

Do you need to comprehend your project's implications on legacy software and hardware? It's time to get concerned with the nuts and bolts of the infrastructure--and to look at this presentation.

Profitability Analysis

PREMIUM presentation

You, the project manager, have to work with business managers who think in terms of bottom line, profit and revenues. Use this presentation to get smart fast about what profitability analysis is and why you need it.

Team Management

PREMIUM presentation

Taking disparate individuals and putting them together to form a cohesive, functioning team is harder than herding cats. Now try managing them! This presentation contains guidelines you need to manage a project team successfully.

Learning Curve Analysis

PREMIUM presentation

Incorrect time estimates are the downfall of many a project. One factor for incorrect time estimates is not comprehending the importance of learning curves. This presentation seeks to remedy that.

Analysis for Interoperability, Portability and Scalability

PREMIUM presentation

This presentation will help you and your clients focus on issues important to interoperability, portability and scalability. Not only does it ask salient questions, but it also concentrates on roles and responsibilities, too.


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