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Usability and Knowledge Management

PREMIUM presentation

How do you design a knowledge management system that meets not only the functional requirements but also a predefined set of usability objectives? What makes an application usable? This presentation gets you going in the right direction.

Smart Training Performance Model

PREMIUM presentation

Based on Clay Carr's Smart Training concept, this PowerPoint presentation outlines the concept of performance and guides you through each step of the performance cycle.

Developing an Information Systems Strategic Plan

PREMIUM presentation
by Michael Wood

The ulimate goal of any organization is to keep its stakeholders happy. That's how you thrive in business. This presentation explains how you can design your IS function to uphold the objectives of the organization in meeting this most important goal.

Process Reengineering and Knowledge Management

PREMIUM presentation

What is the link between Process Reengineering and people? How is process excellence achieved? And what the heck does knowledge managemnt have to do with it all? Read on to find out about the impact that combining these powerful tools can have.

Introduction to PL/SQL

PREMIUM presentation

If you want to extend your SQL capabilities with Oracle's PL/SQL option, this is a good place to get a solid footing.

Introduction to SQL

PREMIUM presentation

Database management begins with SQL. If you're starting to use relational databases, you'll have to learn this standard language. Here's where to begin.

So, What's Your Style?

PREMIUM presentation

Are you GQ? Grunge? Euro Trash? Whatever your rags are, you need to learn how to apply the People Styles framework to enhance your organization's communications skills--and as a result your KM abilities. Read on to gain some insight on what kind of manager--and human being--you are.

Supply Chain Management: E-Procurement Assessment Approach

PREMIUM presentation

Can e-procurement help your business with cost savings, improved productivity and competitive advantage? It's probably worth a look. This presentation will help you define and implement a process for assessing the viability of an e-procurement system for your organization.


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