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Web Site Leading Practices

PREMIUM presentation

What makes a successful website? Take a tip from some of the leaders with this presentation, which details eight points of separation for the best of the best.

Organizational Change Types

PREMIUM presentation

Need some insight into how to address the organizational change aspects of implementing Knowledge Management? Look no further.

Project Post-Mortem Presentation

PREMIUM presentation

Your project is complete...or is it? Not so fast there! Don't forget to conduct a Post-Mortem to evaluate what worked and what didn't, using this presentation as your guiding light.

IT Project Status Presentation

PREMIUM presentation

Is your project on track for its expected delivery date? Don't be late for your very important date. Use this presentation to show up on time.

Mid-Project Update

PREMIUM presentation
by Joe Wynne

The purpose of this presentation template is to assist the project manager with maintaining or improving workforce performance somewhere midstream in the project.

Project Charters

PREMIUM presentation

Yippee! The project has been approved! Now publicize both your new project and the role of your new project manager and project management team by preparing a project charter. What? You don't know how? Click here.


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