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Risks and Constraints

PREMIUM presentation

Intelligent project management requires getting a handle on risks and constraints. Here's a primer on the most common challenges your project could face.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Office

PREMIUM presentation

As enterprises grow their project portfolios, they'll need to establish a project office to reflect their corporate best interests. But that's not all that project offices do. Click here for more.

Shutting Down a Project

PREMIUM presentation

All things come to an end, including your project. This presentation shows you how to shut it down in good order.

Sample Project Approach

PREMIUM presentation

This presentation takes a fictional project and breaks it down as to what must happen during the design, bid and construction/implementation phases.

Formalizing Project Management

PREMIUM presentation

Is your company considering formalizing its project management practices? That makes sense under certain circumstances.

Why Projects Succeed and Fail

PREMIUM presentation

Project management is not rocket science, nor is it voodoo, although some would have you believe it. There are some well documented reasons why projects fail or succeed. Check them out here.

Project Goals

PREMIUM presentation

Your project's goals should be much more than what you hope to achieve at the end of the project.


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