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Intranet Lessons Learned Presentation

PREMIUM presentation

How do you capture the lessons learned after completing a web development project? This presentation can show you how to organize those valuable lessons for future projects.

Getting the Most Out of Your Online Presence Presentation

PREMIUM presentation

Want to make an impact on a client? Use this presentation to show clients how you could improve their websites to bring in more traffic and revenue. Plug in the salient facts and add a screen shot or two, and you are in business.

Business Case Framework Presentation

PREMIUM presentation

If you have to put together a business case, use this sample presentation to help you organize your thoughts and pitch the idea to management.

Application Package Strategies

PREMIUM presentation

This Powerpoint presentation includes the questions to ask and things to think about before you build, buy, outsource or subscribe to any application package.

Treat It Like a Venture

PREMIUM presentation

These days, a successful project is all about bringing value to the business. This attitude change for survival in the digital business world is skillfully roadmapped in a Powerpoint presentation.

The Basics of IT Project Management

PREMIUM presentation

If you're a project manager, you already know this stuff. But perhaps some junior members of the project staff need a refresher, or you'd like to explain key concepts of IT project management to non-project managers. This Powerpoint presentation covers the basics.

Project Planning and Management Refresher

PREMIUM presentation
by Edward P. Youngberg

You have to put together a quick and dirty crash course on project planning and project management. Use this presentation to teach non-project managers how to apply (or at least understand) the project management process.

Knowledge Management 101

PREMIUM presentation

Here it is, a comprehensive crash course on knowledge management--what it is, what it does and why your company needs it.

Knowledge Management and Intranet User Development Strategy

PREMIUM presentation

The most logical and accessible place to manage your corporate knowledge repository is on your company's intranet. This comprehensive Powerpoint presentation covers a user development strategy for this very purpose.


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