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The VIZPulse tool is a standardized question and answer session designed to provide a graphic representation of the 'health' of any project.

Measuring Your Confidence in Project Schedules

by Wendy Wheeler

How much confidence do you have in your project schedule and estimates? PlanView's Schedule Maturity Index can give you, your managers, executives and clients more certainty by incorporating workforce data, timesheet numbers and completion figures.

Banking Package Implementation Plan

project plan

Deploying an application solution package in a banking environment is complicated and challenging. This Microsoft Project plan based on a real project shows you how.

Business Process Improvement Plan

project plan

Here is a project plan for a project to model and define the "order-to-cash" business process in a retail environment and recommend process improvement opportunities.

HR Package Evaluation Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Have you been tasked to help evaluate HR application packages? This Microsoft Project plan will come in handy.

Retail Enterprise Change Assessment Project Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Use this strategic plan to assess your enterprise's value streams and its readiness for change to center operations around those value streams. This retail example can be adapted to any business interested in doing a change assessment project.

Workforce Improvement Program Plan

project plan

Your workforce improvement program will really take off if you use this Microsoft Project plan based on a real-life project to automate the workflow and improve organizational structure, communication and work processes.

Process Improvement Project Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Your multinational client has asked you for help implementing a process improvement project for its worldwide customer order processing operation. You whip out this Microsoft Project plan and get to work.


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"The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face."

- Jack Handey