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Improving Project Team Performance

by Edward P. Youngberg

If you've done a good job putting your team together, you probably won't have to worry about poor performance, but sometimes it happens that a team member isn't really working up to expectations. Don't let one bad apple spoil your project.

Workplace Violence Prevention Self-Audit and Checklist

PREMIUM checklist
by Joe Wynne

You've read the paper and seen enough television reports to make you wonder if workplace violence could happen to you. This template is designed to help you identify whether your immediate area is following best practices to minimize risk from workplace violence. Answers of No or Don't Know point to potential areas of concern.

Developing a Schedule

PREMIUM presentation

If developing a schedule were easy, no project manager would ever have a problem with it. This presentation serves as a guide to the key points that must be mastered to develop realistic project schedules.

Developing a Budget Crash Course


Developing a budget requires so much more than a hankering for creative accounting and a wish for funds. If you're a project manager, you live and die by your budget. Here's a crash course on what you should take into consideration when putting a realistic project budget together.


TimeLedger is a simple-to-use, easy-to-deploy, Web-delivered time and expense tracking solution that enables organizations of any size to capture and analyze their project and resource usage.

Resource Planning Crash Course

PREMIUM presentation

Resource planning is a fundamental project management skill. Here's a crash course to get everyone up to speed on what is expected.

Activity Planning and Sequencing Crash Course

PREMIUM presentation

The Activity Planning and Sequencing Crash Course gives novice project managers or project team members a quick and dirty grasp of essentials needed to develop and achieve realistic project schedules.

Time Estimating Crash Course


Here's common sense about time estimating all distilled into a Powerpoint presentation. Make time to read it.

The Devil Made Me Do It: No Excuse For KM Failure.

by George Ball

Does it seem like all the powers of darkness are out to sabotage your KM efforts? Well, the Devil himself is here to answer some of our most pressing questions about his involvement in KM.


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