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Stress Less in Meetings

by Donna Boyette

Pooch pals? Swedish rubbing? Deep breathing? No, this isn't some wacky foreign film. It's some crucial tips for reducing your stress level before, during and after your next project meeting.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Communicating Estimates To Your Customers

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

If demands for preliminary project estimates have you throwing darts at dollar amounts, help is out there. There are two ways to communicate estimates to your customers without getting burned: one good and one bad (don't ask us about the ugly isn't pretty).

Organizational Balanced Scorecard Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Vyom Bhuta

All strategy identification initiatives should include the process of developing a balanced scorecard. The scorecard should be leveraged for the continuing evaluation and evolution of an e-commerce strategy. As the business strategy changes, the list of metrics should also be considered for revision in order to ensure compliance with strategic direction. Here's a template to get your scorecard in order.

Wireless: The Next New Economy Frontier?

by Sunil Sharma

Is wireless the next new frontier of the New Economy or is it its latest casualty? Even mediocre debaters could convincingly argue about it till kingdom come. There are enough examples, facts and figures to support both claims. But the consequences of misreading wireless trends and betting on the wrong horse--or not betting at all--are tremendous.

Being a Manager Just Got Harder

by Miriam Ziemelis

The freedom to pursue quality of life, work and a promotion? The dream is still alive, but achieving it has become a nightmare for many workers. As a manager, it's your responsibility to ensure you're providing enough opportunity for your employees to enjoy it all. Here's some hints to help you--and your staff--make the dream a reality.

The Anatomy of a CRM Architecture

by Vijay Sankaran

Get to the basics of building a CRM architecture. Here is the bare bones framework to get you started.

Guide to Interviewing Individuals

PREMIUM checklist

Going into an interview unprepared wastes time and money, and can ruin your repuatation as a manager. Whether you're addressing a workforce problem, gathering client requirements or getting information from stakeholders, this preparation checklist will help you get the most out of your next interview.

Telecommuting Team Members: How To Do It Right

by Paul Harder

IT phone home! If some of your workers are getting a little spacey, maybe they should just phone it in. Telecommuting represents a useful option for employees to reduce stress and increase productivity by working away from the office. Here are some ideas for setting up a telecommuting arrangement with a team member.

All the World's a Stage--Time to Get Your Balcony Seat , Part 1

by Joe Wynne

Stage fright getting the best of you? Lack of authority making you second-guess yourself? No need to worry. When projects hit a snag, the best place for you to be is watching from the balcony. To get stalled tasks or decisions past obstructions, stay out of the details and monitor the process used to get work done.


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