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Build a Charter, Save a Project

by Paula K. Martin, Karen Tate, PMP

Don't wait until your project has sunk before you throw out a lifeline. A charter--outlining the "what, when and why" of your project--can get you and your sponsor on the right course from the time you set sail. The "how". . . well, you might need a lifejacket for that one.

Illegal Interview Questions

by Miriam Ziemelis

You know all the questions you should ask in an interview, but what about the questions you shouldn't ask--under penalty of law. That's right, there are a number of topic you must avoid to keep yourself safe from allegations of discrimination.

Seven Deadly Sins in Communication (Part 2 of 2)

by Joe Wynne

If you've been committing the sins of bad communication, it's time to repent. Here is a completion of the analysis of the seven sins, and how to find salvation.

Application Development Risk Assessment Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

Building an application? This checklist outlines 52 potential risk areas in application development, defining low, medium and high risk levels for each. Classifying your project risk in each of these areas will not only guide you in forming mitigation strategies, but really help you focus your management attention during the course of the project.

Project Evaluation Checklist for Managing IT Projects


This detailed checklist helps you evaluate your planned IT project objectively and realistically against known project management concepts and standards--as well as common pitfalls. Does your project measure up?

Pioneering Organizations: The Convergence of Individualism, Teamwork and Leadership

Author: Larry Davis | ISBN: 1890009857

In every age, a few organizations rise above others to "bring fire" to the world -- to change the way we live. These pioneering organizations include Ford, IBM, General Electric, Bell Labs, Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Vignette, Starbucks and many others. These and other organizations yet unborn answer to the move forward, to risk the unknown and find the needed solutions to daunting problems.

In Pioneering Organizations, Larry Davis explores the forces that converge to create such earth-shaking organizations and to energize their ascendancy. He also examines the reasons for their decline. Based on this analysis, Davis identifies the factors that must exist to develop and sustain pioneering organizations.

Enterprise Knowledge Management: The Data Quality Approach

Author: David Loshin | ISBN: 0124558402

"Enterprise Knowledge Management presents an easily adaptable methodology for defining data quality by laying out an economic framework and giving mapping-based approaches to consolidating enterprise knowledge...covers data warehousing, mining and discovery."


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