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2021 CIO Success Guide

by Michael Wood

How does the uncertainty, urgency and chaos of 2020 impact the thinking of CIOs going into 2021, and what do they need to do to be successful? The answer starts with understanding the CEO and the leadership team’s urgencies and priorities.

2021 Information Technology Update: Now Where Were We?!

by Michael Wood

After arguably the most disruptive year any of us have ever seen, organizations are already beginning to see a shift in the technologies they will need to harness to be prepared for the future. What tech is hot—and what's approaching its obsolescence?

21 Training Tools

by Andrew Makar, PMP

The traditional ways of adding new tools to the toolkit lack innovation and excitement. Fortunately, you don’t always have to travel or take a computer-based test to add a few new tools to the toolkit. Here we present 21 ways to add new tools to your toolkit as an IT project manager or professional.

21st Century Training

by Andy Jordan

Training in the 21st century is all about maximizing your returns. Technology has changed training--are you able to take advantage? In order to maximize the return on your training dollars--whether personal or for an entire department--you need to leverage each of the various training modalities.

24 /7: You Da Man, and It's Not So Great Anymore

by Miriam Ziemelis

No, not the job, the job is great! However the work schedule that goes along with it is increasingly out of control due to 24/7 pager expectations. Let's talk about getting some control back in your life. We all have to work some weekends, but frankly, your friends are beginning to cringe when your cell phone rings, and stepping out in the middle of the movie isn't doing wonders for your dating!

3 ‘Supportive’ Keys for Smaller Companies To Avoid Project Failures

by Troy Edelen

Smaller companies can implement a “supportive PMO," which leverages their limited project management staff across more projects, making them more like project management consultants rather than direct project managers. (And, yes, it can even work with a team of one.)

3 Agile Estimation Alternatives

by Johanna Rothman

Does your team spend significant time estimating stories with story points? Or, does your team try to manage its estimates with support or other interruptions? Velocity via story point estimation works in very few teams. Instead of story points, consider these other alternatives for your agile estimates.


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