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Avoiding Disruption From Disruptive Technologies

by Andy Jordan

It’s great to focus on the impact of disruptive technologies, but the work still needs to get done…and that means project managers must deliver! How can PMs avoid being disrupted by disruptive technologies?

Avoiding Hidden Trap Doors

by Vijay Sankaran

Hidden traps often come from surprising sources, resulting in project delays or funding shortfalls. It is critical to identify all the risks up front, establish mitigation strategies and allocate ample time and budget to overcome any hurdles. How? Through effective planning, of course!

Avoiding PM Traumatic Stress Disorder

by Joe Wynne

You should hire for dependability and integrity. How? Take these simple steps to close the door on liars and unreliable, disrespectful or non-participating workers. (Alternately, if you are bored, select these candidates to make your job more interesting...)

Avoiding Redundant PM Costs in Electronic-Discovery

by Paul C. Easton
August 09, 2011 | 45:40 | Views: 511 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.17 / 5

In this Webinar, Mr. Easton will briefly introduce the role and cost of project management in e-discovery and provide seven tips for decreasing project-management redundancy and, therefore, costs

Avoiding Redundant Project Management Costs in Electronic Discovery Projects

by Paul C. Easton

The economic recession has led to corporate clients demanding greater predictability in, and more value from, their legal expenditures. Project management has become a crucial competency for law firms that must compete in this new environment. In this article, I briefly introduce the role and cost of project management in e-discovery projects and provide seven tips for decreasing project management redundancy and, hence, cost.

Avoiding Skill and Knowledge Complacency

by Emily Luijbregts

As project managers, we need to hold ourselves more accountable to reading the new versions of the PMBOK® Guide to make sure that we not only understand the new content, but that we’re able to implement it in our daily work.

Avoiding the Blame Game with International Teams

by Andy Jordan

Leading international teams is always a challenge, especially when things go wrong. How do you keep everyone focused on the positive and avoid negativity creeping in?

Avoiding the Implementation Tar Pit

by Jim Harris

Some people live and learn. Other people just live. The recent deja-vu experience of the Sunshine State's primary elections have sent Jim Harris off to the swamps of Florida to discover why implementing new voter technology is just so darned difficult. In between wrestling alligators and sunning himself on the beach, Jim filed this report.

Avoiding the Technology Barrier Trap

by Andy Jordan

Technology has been a tremendous help for project managers in leading their teams, but it also makes it easy to fall into the trap of creating barriers to effective team performance. That’s something that must be avoided.


Axiom is a completely free, enterprise-ready, Requirements Management system. Axiom provides powerful features such as tracing, reporting and history making it effortless to increase software quality and reduce complexity.


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