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A Break in the Chain

by Demian Entrekin

Chain-of-command management structures often create silos of information, turf battles, goal "fizzle" and a host of other barriers to effective project portfolio management. There is no quick fix, but the big-picture goal should be to institutionalize collaboration, linking project performance with organizational performance.

A Call For Change

by David Southgate

Perhaps the most challenging project of all is one that requires an organization to change. An executive mandate is a good start, but to reach the finish line project leaders with 'soft skills and iron wills' must carry the baton, as these two call-management system implementations in local government demonstrate.

A Call for Community Collaboration

by Andy Jordan

As a community, we can create open-space sessions that enhance the quality of project management within our own areas of influence. So why is it so rare? Learn why you should take advantage--and take action.

A Career in Philanthropic Project Management

by Andy Jordan

Want your work to make the world a better place? A not-for-profit or charitable organization is an obvious choice. But what does project management there look like?

A Career of Evolving Culture

by Bruce Garrod

What’s your definition of organizational culture? This practitioner has asked himself many times as he probes for a defining answer.

A Case of Leadership Deficit Disorder

by Michael Wood

Why are so many ERP and CRM systems--and even whole companies--failing? Meet Leadership Deficit Disorder and its sick cousin Competency Deficit Disorder, two maladies of ineffective CEOs.

A Celebration of Code and Coders

by Al Taylor

IT application development projects can be challenging and stressful. The efforts of the successful team need to be recognized and celebrated. In this article, the author makes the case for greater celebration of application code and the coders who write it.

A Certain Sacrifice

by Bob Weinstein

Combining work and family means sacrifice. Can it be done?

A Change in Leadership

by Andy Jordan

Whenever a new leader assumes responsibility, there is significant risk that individual and team performance will suffer. Organizations must take steps to mitigate some of the inevitable disruption before, during and after the leadership transition. As always, communication is key. And the new leader plays an important role in it.


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