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A Consulting Mistake

by Laura Burford

An advantage that project managers who embark on a consulting career have is their knowledge of project management. The challenge is that many project managers have never been educated in key consulting concepts.

A Cracked Foundation

by Aaron Smith

Bad baselines on IT government projects waste as much as $5.5 billion annually, according to a new study. But the problem is not exclusive to the public sector. Many organizations don’t have the training, tools or processes to develop and manage realistic baselines. A pioneer in the field of cost analysis shares his insights on the problem and offers recommendations for turning it around.

A Crash Course in Citizen Development

by Jody Temple White
June 02, 2021 | 24:15 | Views: 651 | PDUs: | Rating: 4.53 / 5

In this video Jody Temple White, PMP, Citizen Developer and Operations Strategist, shares an example of Citizen Development in action. Jody describes a typical business challenge, talks about the process of developing an app and what you need to do before you start building anything. She explores some of the PMI frameworks and tools you can use, how PMI is supporting Citizen Developers, and then walks us through a demo of an actual app build.

A Critical Choice: Finding the Method that Works

by Edwin W. Smith

Both the Critical Path Method and the Critical Chain Method have received much attention in the world of project management. While you can argue the merits of both, you won't be using both for your project. You'll have to choose between joining the Chain gang or staying on the usual Path.

A Critical Look at Project Initiation

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

You think you can justify that? Some organizations conduct an objective and formal analysis of their project opportunities, appropriately evaluate and prioritize them against objective criteria and make reasoned choices based upon independent assessment. There just aren’t many of them. Here, we’ll explore what does happen, and why. We’ll evaluate some alternatives and considerations in approaching project justification and talk about some of the changes that can lead to organizations making better decisions.

A Culture of Joy

by Dave Prior

Richard Sheridan talks about building a work culture that is deeply focused on “the business value of joy” at Menlo Innovations, a custom software design firm where he is CEO and chief storyteller. He says it is simple — but not easy. Here, he shares some insights and lessons learned along the way. [19:40]

A Culture of Trust

by Walt Grassl

Creating a culture of trust is one of the most important roles of a leader. Trust improves team morale, which improves performance. Here are six cornerstones to building a culture of trust on your teams, from keeping your word to sharing the spotlight.


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