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Back On Track

by Karen Klein

The War on Terror caused workloads to increase 70 percent over three years at a U.S. Army Depot. The influx of new employees left an experience void and created discontinuity between job roles and actual processes. But a one-year training project got everyone marching in the same direction.

Back to Basics

by Andy Jordan

The current economic conditions affect everyone, and PMs are no different.

Back to Basics

by Andy Jordan

Requirements form the foundation of all of our projects. As project managers they are the basis of every initiative that we lead, and because of that there is a real danger that we will take them for granted.

Back to Basics of Disaster Recovery

by Michael Wood

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning are no longer optional. Protecting infrastructure and information assets of an organization is one of management's primary duties. Here are some ideas and options for making sure you don't fall down on the job.

Back to Basics: Keeping it Simple

by Andy Jordan

For experienced PMs, sometimes the hardest job is to go right back to the very basic stuff. So how can you maximize your chances of success? And how do we manage team members who have absolutely no experience or understanding of project work?

Back to PM Basics (Part 1): Introduction

by Bruce Garrod

Demographics are in favor of aspiring project managers, and the demand for project managers is likely to continue to grow. This new series will help new practitioners establish the fundamental foundation of project management knowledge.

Back to PM Basics (Part 2): Expanding the Foundations of Project Management

by Bruce Garrod

What is the difference between projects and operations work? Where do projects come from? This is the second article in a series that builds a foundation of project management knowledge. As we move forward, we look at the project lifecycle, the project charter and more!


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