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Back to PM Basics (Part 4): Defining Success & Objectives

by Bruce Garrod

The question “What is a successful project?” may appear obvious. It's not. This series continues to build a foundation of PM knowledge. This installment will address defining project success, differentiating business objectives from project objectives, and introducing the concept of a project plan.

Back to PM Basics (Part 5): All Project Plans Aren't the Same

by Bruce Garrod

Too often, organizations start project work instead of developing a plan. This has to stop! Kicking off a project can be an overwhelming feeling for individuals new to project management (and for a lot of us experienced PMs, too). Keep these tips on planning and scope in mind to help ease your stress.

Back to (PM) School!

by Andy Jordan

There’s no excuse not to continuously improve your skills--are you always learning? Here, we explore the need for continuously improving your skills and the various options available that will allow that to happen within the confines of our busy careers and lives.

Back to School

by Bruce Garrod

There are endless options and considerations when choosing how to ensure ongoing personal development. But if you stand still and depend on past education and current experience, you're unlikely to realize your full career potential.

Back To School

by Elizabeth Harrin

Teaching a classroom of nine year olds provides some valuable lessons, or at least reminders, for project managers, including the importance of tailoring communication for each particular audience, understanding the environment people are operating in, and insisting on constructive feedback to build agreement.

Back to School: Back to Basics

by Vijay Sankaran

As the kids go back to school, it's time for the project managers to hit the books and brush up on the basics of project delivery. Here are three important lessons to help you pass that next quiz.

Back to School: Data Warehousing 101

by Vijay Sankaran

Pack your lunchbox and sharpen your No. 2 pencils. It's time to bet back to the basics of data warehousing.

Back to School: How Employees and Employers Benefit

by Mike Donoghue

With more competition for jobs has come an increased interest in how companies want to invest in their workforce. This means that companies are improving their school reimbursement programs and promoting them as a way in which to both attract and nurture talent and enhance skills. Are you?

Back to School: Projects and Project Management (Re)Defined

by Priya Patra

If we are limited by the triple constraint, how do we as project managers lead with agility and embrace change? If projects are all about needs and values, then project management should be the tools and techniques to achieve this value. Is it time to redefine project management? Should we move away from the iron triangle to the value triangle?

Back to Scrum Basics

by Dave Prior

Agile trainer (and cartoonist) Mike Vizdos discusses Scrum from four perspectives: starting, practicing, coaching and leading. He says we can't scale Scrum before we succeed at the team level, and we can never forget the basics. He's created a free audio book of the Scrum Guide to help. [25 min.]


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