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Dealing with Customers from Hell

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Everyone gets a difficult customer every now and then. The project manager must learn to deal with them while getting the job done at the same time. Having a planned approach ready can help create a positive outcome.

Dealing With Delays in EPC Projects

by Mujahid Akhtar

Delays in engineering, procurement and construction projects almost feel inevitable. However, they can be avoided if we understand and identify their causes before the start of the project—and try to mitigate the gaps during the project lifecycle.

Dealing with Difficult People

by Tim McClintock, PMP

No matter which personality type represents a “difficult person” for you, as a project leader you must learn to effectively deal with them.

Dealing With Difficult People

by Tom Keenze

There's no getting around it—sooner or later, you're going to have a client or co-worker who's a little hard to handle. Understanding personality types and catering your style of communication are the keys to managing these difficult people successfully.

Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders

by George Spafford

Difficult stakeholders dragging you down? Don't let it happen again. It is beneficial to have a framework for dealing with stakeholders who don't readily align themselves with the project. Here's how to effectively deal with them without creating instability surrounding your project's objectives.

Dealing With Disappointment

by Alesia Latson

How you handle your disappointment in a team member speaks volumes about your leadership style. And it will affect your credibility with the entire team and within your organization. The key is to use the situation as a coaching opportunity. Here’s how.

Dealing With Disruption

by Michael Wood

One challenge facing project managers is being able to sense disruption’s presence, understand its cause and then combat it. What are some of the causes of project disruption, and what can PMs do about it?

Dealing with Disruptive Apples

by Al Taylor

For many of us, “bad apples” can have an evil influence on projects. They include the malevolent kind—those who for one reason or another will intentionally attempt to have a negative impact on the project.

Dealing with PM Anxiety

by Dave Prior

Project management is a stressful profession, with its well-documented failure rates and steady doses of deadlines, uncertainty, conflict, unrealistic expectations, and accountability without authority. Senior project manager Carson Pierce and psychologist Krista Pierce discuss ways to deal with the pressure, angst and anxiety that come with the job. [42 min.]

Dealing with Portfolio Complexity

by Kevin Coleman

Defining what PPM means in the context of an organization isn't easy. One thing is for sure: Portfolio management is a complex management undertaking that continuously challenges even the most seasoned professionals. So the question that often arises is: What makes this so complex?


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