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Fear Factor

by Tim Kress, PMP

What separates the best project managers from the rest? It's not necessarily superior work ethic or technical skills. In fact, more often it is the courage to embrace uncertainty.

Fear Factor

by Bob Weinstein

We know it's scary out there, but don’t let recessionary fears impair your work performance. Here's some help on staying calm.

Fearless Leadership

by Sainath Nagarajan, PMP, SCPM

Does fear matter? Hopefully, we can agree that leadership is not all about guts and glory alone. A healthy understanding of fear and ways to channel one’s own and other’s fears meaningfully can help one become a better leader.

Fearless Leadership (Part 2)

by Sainath Nagarajan, PMP, SCPM

Here we look at the art of silent leadership, practiced by those PMs who put their team before their personal self in the interest of effectively managing fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Feature Driven Development

Feature Driven Development is pleased to announce a series of workshops to teach you key FDD "how-to" lessons. Click here for more information.

Feature Teams

by Mike Cohn

On multi-team development projects, there are significant advantages in having each team organize around the end-to-end delivery of features as opposed to working on separate components. Fewer handoffs reduce waste and integration-related risks. And feature teams have a clearer understanding of the impact of design decisions. However, in some circumstances, component teams offer benefits.


FeatureSet connects the customer to the product development process. It allows you to manage customer feedback, requirements, and projects in a single application.


Structure the conversation and get work done.


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