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Here Comes Microservices

Jinesh Parekh

Microservices is an emerging approach to software development that breaks down complex applications into smaller components or processes. It embraces DevOps, complements agile, and can provide better scalability and resilience, among other benefits. But it also requires significant organizational change, and it isn’t a silver bullet; in fact, it can make a mess. Is it for you?

Here’s the 411: Old School Still Rulz ;-)

by Tom L. Barnett, PMP

With so many ways for project teams to collaborate and chat, why is it still so hard to communicate? YMMV, but if you're SITD, read on for help...

Here's An Idea…

by Ransom Stephens

Our thought process relies on pattern recognition, categorization and prediction, and we tend to search for pathways we have followed in the past. This “efficiency rut” can limit the flow of ideas. Here are 5 keys to unlocking your innate creativity, from cultivating a resilience to failure, to silencing our tendency to predict results.

Here's the Hub

by Dennis Smith

In high-performance organizations, a critical role is that of the hub -- an informal leader who connects the spokes of the project, from facilitating information-sharing, solving problems and working with resource pools and clients, to providing support to the project team.

Here's The Problem

by Daniel Starr

A clear, concise statement of the problem your project is trying to solve is essential. It puts requirements into context, builds mutual understanding about goals between the team and stakeholders, and serves as a reality check on future scope changes. Here’s how to write a good one and use it effectively.

Here's What You Asked About PMI Citizen Developer

by PMI

We held our first Citizen Developer webinar on Thursday 29th April, which was an open Q&A session about the PMI Citizen Developer product suite. Here we answer some questions that were asked by the community during the webinar.

Heroic Projects: Hadrian’s Wall

by Steve Kirk

Hadrian’s Wall was the most ambitious construction project of Roman times. Undertaken to maintain security in Roman Britain, the 80-mile border fortification offers today’s project leaders some historical food for thought, including a compelling business case, constraint tradeoffs and changing requirements.


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"How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?"

- Charles DeGaulle